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Stephen King examiner collection revisited part 4

The Talisman hardcover
The Talisman hardcover
David Finniss

We're going to wrap this up with another quick slideshow. Admittedly, a large portion of these are doubles that weren't acquired until after the earlier slideshows were required, but "Joyland" is in there as well so it isn't all reruns.

I also steered clear of the shots of the book laying on the floor. In hindsight, I would have skipped that angle entirely because looking back, it didn't work all that well. Leaning the book against the wall worked a bit better, but that was rather drab and made each photo look very same-y.

Even that problem has been amended here as I put the bookshelf backdrop to good use. There's only two photos that use the white wall backdrop, so your eyes will get a good balance and variety in comparison to the other slideshows.

For those curious, this also gives you a glimpse into some of the non-King books in my library. You also get a look at some of my comics. That's probably my favorite picture in this lot as it is the best backdrop and because comics are cool.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed these. If you didn't, well you can rest easy as this will be the last one.

I'm not sure what other slideshows I could do in the future. I thought about posting the King based comics, but eh. If I ever make it out to the Stanley Hotel (which I do still want to do at some point), I'll take a bunch of pics there and do some slideshows, but until then, I think that's about it on that particular front. We'll put the focus back on the comics and the "Dead Zone" series, hopefully get caught up on all that before King's next book comes out.

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