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Stay tuned to CNN for Malaysia plane disaster details

What is the political angle on the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner? It is a government that is in charge of the investigation, which they have apparently bungled. Then, there is the CNN coverage that has hijacked the network, preventing it from covering political news.

Wolf Blitzer demonstrates alternative use of floatation devices

This afternoon, CNN had a story featuring a close up of the outside of a black box that is really orange provided by Boeing Aircraft Company. Tomorrow, they might provide a look inside the “black box” while Wolf Blitzer supervises its dismantling.

In the meantime, satellite data analysts are counting pieces of ocean debris aka the “haystack” as it floats on 23 foot waves following the elusive current that airplanes cannot locate. 122 pieces have been counted and some or all have sunk or drifted to a location unknown.

Time is running out on the batteries in the “black box” to heighten suspense. None of the ships have found a single object so far that links debris to the lost 777.

To put it into perspective, what if some of the 122 objects were actually people on flotation devices. That would have been too bad because no one would have located them even if they had a water bottle and cookies.

Now, Wolf Blitzer is talking with a group of experts about the possibility of criminal intent by somebody, including the pilot, copilot, crew members, or maybe a passenger or two. There have been several video images of the pilot and copilot conducting interviews. That seems odd because most pilots are sleeping and not giving interviews.

There have been fires and mechanical malfunctions on the 777, but those things don’t explain the flight behavior of the missing aircraft.

When it comes down to it, after days of CNN coverage, all that we have is information that satellite data and radar confirm about an approximate location where the plane may have crashed. That location is likely 100 miles or more from the “haystack” that is out there somewhere.

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