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State Rep admits she's against freedom in 'Live Free or Die' New Hampshire

Democrat Rep hates freedom in New Hampshire
Democrat Rep hates freedom in New Hampshire
Photo by Kimberly Morin

On Sunday, New Hampshire State Representative Suzanne Mercer Vail actually posted on her official Facebook page that she was against freedom. Her post didn't gain traction until today when Granite Staters started commenting. Apparently Rep Vail (D-Nashua) believes that freedom is already 'maxed out' in New Hampshire. She bashes 'Free Staters' for actually wanting more freedom. Meanwhile Rep Vail tells voters they should check out her votes in the House. They are listed below. Clearly, she's against freedom and for higher taxes, more spending and more laws.

It would be comical if it wasn't true. This is the mindset of many Democrats in the New Hampshire Legislature. They are against freedom, liberty, less government and lower taxes. Interesting that these 'Nanny Staters' attack 'Free Staters'. Of course, Free Staters are the antithesis of big government, more spending, increased taxes and less freedoms. The bigotry against Free Staters by Democrats and some establishment Republicans is disturbing actually. New Hampshire has thrived on small government and individual liberties but somehow that's become bad ideology?

Below is the list of votes that Vail wants Granite Staters to review. These votes hurt residents of New Hampshire but somehow she's proud of them (as are all Democrats). It will be up to voters to decide in November if they want representatives who will fight for their freedom or those, such as Vail, who will continue to vote bills into place that take away their freedoms. Most Democrats voted for the same bills below. You can review their votes and the bills at the New Hampshire legislature's website:

Voted for Obamacare:

  • HB271 Voted to expand ObamaCare in New Hampshire
  • SB194 Voted to direct tax dollars to facilitate abortion
  • SB129 Voted to market the health insurance provisions in ObamaCare

Voted to raise electricity costs:

  • HB630 Voted against home insulation assistance for low income families
  • HB306 Voted in favor of higher electricity costs

Vote to increase taxes and fees:

  • HB185 Voted to increase taxes on home heating oil
  • CACR1 Voted against protections from income and sales taxes in New Hampshire
  • HB136 Voted to increase pay for politicians attending county conventions
  • HB354 Voted against decreasing business taxes during difficult economic times
  • HB434 Voted to include loans made to NH businesses as taxable income
  • HB617 Am. 0696H. Voted to allow diverting money from the Highway Fund
  • HB617 Voted to allow diverting money from the Highway Fund
  • HB659 Voted to increase cigarette taxes
  • HB617 Voted to allow diverting money from the Highway Fund
  • HB185 Voted to increase taxes on home heating oil
  • HB295 Voted to increase the fee on youth camps
  • HB411 Voted to increase the fee for a boat license
  • HB2 Am. 1193H. Voted to downshift nursing home expenses to county taxpayers
  • HB2 Am. 1194H. Voted for increases in business taxes
  • HB2 Am. 1195H. Voted to increase cigarette taxes
  • HB2 Am. 1219H. Voted to increase fishing license fees
  • SB122 Voted to increase fees and license requirements for fishermen
  • HB295 Voted to increase the fee on youth camps

Voted against small businesses:

  • HB501 Voted to create a NH minimum wage
  • HB357 Voted to conceal applicant credit from potential employers

Voted against self-defense: (this should be a wake-up call for women who want to protect themselves)

  • HB388 Voted to allow lawsuits against victims of gun theft
  • HB135 Voted to restrict the natural right of self-defense
  • HB451 Voted to restrict law abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms.

Voted against liberty and freedom:

  • HB323 Voted to force non-union employees to pay union dues
  • HB289 Voted against raising the interstate highway speed limit by 5-10 mph
  • HB291 Voted against raising the interstate highway speed limit by 5-10 mph
  • HB458 Voted in support of the crime of resisting an invalid arrest
  • HB242 Voted to expand required use of seat belts
  • HCR2 Voted to ask Congress to restrict freedom of speech

Voted against good government:

  • HB117 Voted against decreasing bureaucratic regulation of driveway permits
  • HB387 Voted to protect malicious and grossly negligent Guardians ad litem from being sued
  • HB325 Voted against rewarding state employees for cost saving suggestions
  • HB648 Voted to extend marital master appointments for a lifetime
  • HB2 Am. 1177H. Voted to allow raiding of dedicated funds
  • HB2 Am. 1178H. Voted to allow raiding of dedicated funds
  • SB164 Voted to eliminate hazard analysis from coastal management plans
  • HB124 Voted for 45 year old minimum retirement age for state employees
  • HB595 Voted to weaken voter identification requirements

Voted against better schools:

  • HB370 Voted against business funded non-profit scholarship programs
  • HB2 Am. 1196H. Voted against funding the school building aid program
  • HB2 Am. 1200H. Voted to require more paperwork from charter schools
  • HB2 Am. 1201H. Voted for a moratorium on charter schools
  • HB2 Am. 1202H. Voted for changes to charter schools
  • HB2 Am. 1203H. Voted to repeal the education tax credit
  • HB2 Am. 1204H. Voted against funding charter schools
  • SB48 Voted to force federal educational initiatives on local school districts
  • SB48 Voted to change labels on bad schools to sound better

These are just votes from 2013. Imagine the damage Democrats like Vail are going to do throughout 2014 and beyond if they maintain control of the House? Most Granite Staters have no idea what is going on in the State House. It's time people start paying attention. With votes like the above, your freedom and money in your wallet are disappearing one at a time. Compare Free Staters to Nanny Staters and decide which represent the 'Live Free or Die' state. You shouldn't be surprised by the answer.

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