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‘State of Decay’ brings zombies one step closer to Xbox Live

State of Decay screenshots
State of Decay screenshots
Undead Labs

Undead Labs gave an update yesterday to gamers anticipating their new zombie title, “State of Decay”. The upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, which finally got titled back in August, has made a huge leap in progress as the developer announced that they have sent a content complete milestone to Microsoft. Meaning the zombie survival game now only has some polishing left before its completion.

Undead Labs
State of Decay

Undead Labs also spoke in length about the design philosophy behind making “State of Decay”. The developer chose to make the game, which is centered on a zombie apocalypse, actually be more about survival than pure combat. That isn’t to say that the game doesn’t have its fair share of zombie killing, but finding food and skilled survivors will be a larger part of the overall game.

With the game in its final stages of development, Undead Labs has promised gamers new images and videos to come in the next couple of months ranging from gunplay and stealth to resource management and vehicles.

“State of Decay” is currently in development by Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios for release on Xbox Live Arcade.

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