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Starbucks baby name: Couple turns to customers for help

Starbucks baby name: Couple turns to customers for help
Starbucks baby name: Couple turns to customers for help
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

A young Connecticut couple turns to customers of Starbucks for baby name help. Matt Dixon, 24 and Jennifer James, 25, of West Haven, Connecticut could not agree on the name for their first-born child. According to Fox 2 Now on June 28, 2013, they put it to a vote at their local Starbucks store.

"They made a sign and put out a cup asking Starbucks customers to decide. Nearly 2,000 people chimed in and some were silly, including Barack Obama, Hulk Hogan and Latte."

Each entrant was give two choices, "Logan" or "Jackson," but that did not stop people from submitting plenty of write-in votes. They got the idea from the system already in place at the store for selecting a top barista each month. The Starbucks baby name contest may sound foolish, but it is ok to ask for assistance even in important family decisions like this. The winning entry selected for the baby-to-be's name is, "Logan Jackson Dixon."

The Starbucks baby name contest is an original and controversial idea. As bold as the coffee served by the largest coffeehouse company in the world.

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