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Standby for these SIFF favorites this weekend

The Trip to Italy
The Trip to Italy

With the Seattle International Film Festival officially spilling over into the second half of its 25-day run, there is no sign among fest goers that film fatigue is setting in. In fact, if you planned on seeing a select group of films this weekend without buying tickets in advance you may just find yourself queuing up behind the standby sign.

It’s true that a handful of films are proving to be quite popular this weekend and tickets for these are available on a standby basis only. But that’s not to say you have no chance of getting in. If your heart is set on seeing one of these films you’ll want to make sure you get to the theater plenty early to make sure you are one of the first ones in the “hope line.” SIFF does typically release a limited number of tickets on a first come first served basis.

Of course, this is SIFF - so even if you don’t make it in to see any of the five films below you’ll still have dozens of others to fill-up your weekend.

Weekend films on standby:


The Trip to Italy
If you saw the 2010 film “The Trip” featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon you’ll understand why this sequel is so popular. “The Trip to Italy” reunites this loquacious duo for a leisurely trip through the Italian countryside. Bopping along in their Mini Cooper convertible, Coogan and Brydon riff on every subject imaginable as they stop off and enjoy one gorgeous Italian meal after another. If you have to live vicariously you can’t ask for a better pair to be your tour guide. (4:30 pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown)

A missed flight, a motorcycle and an LA nightclub. These are the only elements first time director Joshua Caldwell needed to conjure up for this atmospheric tale that has drawn comparisons to early films of the French New Wave. (7:00 pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown)


Mood Indigo
It’s a good bet that anytime Audrey Tautou is in a movie her fans will follow. “Mood Indigo” is proving to be no exception as Tautou plays a romantic interest who also happens to have a medical condition where flowers grow inside her lungs. A little whacky perhaps, but then this is the same director who also brought the imaginative “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” to the big screen. Expect to be surprised and charmed with whimsy. (11 am, SIFF Cinema Uptown)

Richard Linklater might best be known for his low-budget indie classics “Slacker,” “Dazed and Confused,” and the Ethan Hawke-driven trilogy “Before Sunrise.” But as of late, the buzz around Linklater seems to be his most recent work that literally spans a good chunk of his life. “Boyhood” follows the progression of an American family from the point of view of a young boy at about age six up until he reaches college. For “Boyhood” Linklater sticks with the same actors for 12 years, letting the viewer see them grow naturally over the course of the story. The story is sweeping in its construct but remains intimate with every day, and often poignant, occurrences. Oh yeah, and Ethan Hawke is in this one as well. (5 pm, Egyptian Theatre)

Time Lapse
This sci-fi thriller has a set-up that begs to be seen. ‘Time Lapse” centers on a group of three friends who find a very intriguing machine in a neighbor’s apartment that takes pictures exactly 24 hours into the future. Imagine the fun you could have with one of these machines. Time travel certainly comes to mind as these friends consider all of the possibilities their new found discovery presents. “Time Lapse” satisfies on various levels whether you’re a fan of sci-fi, thrillers, or just some good ol’ movie going fun. (8:30 pm, SIFF Cinema Uptown)


Time Lapse
If you didn’t get in on Saturday you have another chance today (11:30 am, SIFF Cinema Uptown)

If you didn’t get in on Saturday you have another chance today (8:00 pm, Harvard Exit)

For a full lineup of SIFF screenings visit:

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