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Spring welcomes the miracles of blooming sustainable decor for the abode

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Miracle Gro

Spring is here ready for action with new blooms and greenery. This is the time of year for rebirth with people anxious to see the new sprouts coming through the soil that had been hardened with the winter season. Whether toiling in a huge garden or in a few pots placed by a sunny window, people are looking at the spring season for a chance to bring a bit of sunshine grown goodness into the abode.

Miracles help all grow beautiful new decor
miracle gro

A sustainable garden is a work of art to display among the abode's decor.

The sustainable decor that growing herbs and veggies present allows for everyone in the family to have fun creating their own mini garden to showcase as living artwork on display. Whether grown in beautiful ceramic pots dressing the sills of windows, or on display hanging on a wall in a sun filled location, there are plenty of creative ways to add a touch of luscious growth to wake up the furnishings inside and out.

Even those without a green thumb can sprout beautiful new blooms with just a little help. Spring is the time to nurture and cultivate new seeds. Unfortunately there are plenty of people who admire the beautiful new greenery but are afraid of doing harm with their black thumbs. Miracle-Gro has come to the rescue with miracle workers ready to assist everyone in developing a green thumb that will grow new delicious and beautiful sustainable decor.

Gro‑ables Seed Pods are super heroes ready to save the day and the garden.

Whether for an outdoor garden, or working some magic creating gardens in pots and planters inside the abode, Miracle-Gro Gro-ables have come to the rescue with seed pods ready to allow anyone to grow a beautiful green thumb worthy garden.

Each Seed Pod is comprised of everything one need to grow a flourishing garden of yummy goodness. The seed pods make it super simple for all to enjoy yummy herbs and veggie's.

  • non-GMO seed.
  • materials to protect the seed and keep it moist.
  • plant food that will nurture and help the plant grow.

Spring is the time of rebirth; to take a moment to become one with nature and to bring the fresh sensibilities of the new season into the abode. The seed pods present the perfect opportunity to aid in bringing sustainable greenery into the abode to mix magic with the decor.

Happy spring fever; never be afraid to dance!

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