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Spotlight on hypocrisy of gun control elites

Movie magnate Harvey Weinstein has stirred up a hornet's nest with his comments on guns.
Movie magnate Harvey Weinstein has stirred up a hornet's nest with his comments on guns.
Photo by Ben A. Pruchnie

The spotlight is now shining on the hypocrisy of gun control elitists in public office and in Hollywood as they attack the right of citizens to self-defense with guns while carving out convenient exceptions for themselves.

Two new examples of this hypocrisy are in the news today. First, there is the case of a Connecticut politician's effort to protect herself while denying that right to citizens. And then there is Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, who says he will make a film to blast the NRA although he himself has a security detail and produces some of the most violent films on the screen.

Connecticut passed some of the most stringent gun control laws in the nation in the wake of the mass murders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. In spite of the fact that ordinary citizens are hamstrung in their efforts to defend themselves against thugs with firearms, a politician in the state is making sure there is no such vulnerability for her.

Toni Harp is the new mayor of New Haven, Conn. She previously served as a state senator. She has requested a full time security detail including two New Haven armed officers to follow her around wherever she goes.

But according to Connecticut Carry, Harp voted in favor of the new highly restrictive gun laws for citizens in the state:

“Toni Harp voted to take away, restrict and ban many effective self-defense tools from good, hard-working Connecticut citizens. That she now wishes to be surrounded at all times by two officers that are exempt from those laws says a lot about how she relates to her constituency and how she values herself compared to our families.”

This, in essence, perfectly encapsulates the attitude of anti-gun politicians and Hollywood elitists. They themselves have no intention of abiding by the laws ordinary citizens must obey. If they are so dead-set against guns, why do their security details include armed guards?

Connecticut Carry sums it up this way:

“Clearly Toni Harp shares our belief that these tools are effective defensive tools. The difference is that she apparently believes that she is part of an elite class of people who are entitled to be defended by these tools while the rest of us are supposed to follow the law she voted for.”

And then there is Harvey Weinstein, who produced the Kill Bill movies and others that are among some of the most violent in America. Weinstein seems to have a vendetta against the NRA, and he wants to do a movie to take it apart.

Yet as a top Hollywood film maker, Weinstein is flanked by security personnel 24/7, personnel that are armed with very effective firearms. Weinstein increased his armed security when he made a film last year about Scientology.

Again, these elitists will not hesitate to use guns in their movies to sell tickets. They will not hesitate to hire security personnel who carry guns. But when it comes to the mere peons of the populace, no such provision is allowed.

Ordinary people who live in the real world cannot afford security personnel. We must handle our own security. But people like Weinstein would rob you of the right to do so with guns in spite of the fact that his own security personnel carry guns.

Such hypocrisy is nothing less than astounding.

(Hat tip to David Codrea).


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