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Special operations contractors to deploy 'high threat team' to Ferguson

Special operations contractors to deploy to Ferguson.
Special operations contractors to deploy to Ferguson.
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On Tuesday, the Missouri-based private security contractor Asymmetric Solutions, a company that hires former U.S. military special operators, said on Twitter that it intends to deploy what it called a "high threat team" to Ferguson.

"We've been to Baghdad, Kabul, KL, Manilla, Peshwar, Bogata," the company said. "Never guessed we would deploy a high threat team in our own city."

According to 1776 Channel's Alan Jones, the company said it could not specify the nature of its work in Ferguson. According to Jones, a spokesperson said “we cannot professionally hand out that information, regardless of client or location. We put a security team of former SOF personnel into the STL area at the request of a client.”

The company gave a little more information on Twitter. It did not, however, name the client it was hired to protect.

"To clarify we are not protecting state, law enforcement or those exercising their right to assemble," the company tweeted. "Escort detail augment for individual."

Most of those responding on Twitter wished the company well. There was, however, one Twitter user who wished death on the company's employees in a profane tweet.

Assymetric Solutions said in one tweet that it was sad to see their services required in a town it described as "a peaceful, harmonious metropolitan area full of good people." It followed up with another tweet announcing it would not deploy employees to a spelling bee, an apparent reference to a mis-spelled hashtag on its original tweet.

A post at the Gateway Pundit, a blog that has been closely following the events in Ferguson, said the report comes after several dozen area businesses have been looted and destroyed by rioters in Ferguson. According to Jim Hoft, 120 people have been arrested since the riots began. Of those, only four are said to be from Ferguson. Many are from outside Missouri, including one who allegedly came from California.

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