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Special forces to guard British athletes at Winter Olympics in Russia

Britain's elite special forces organization, Special Air Service (SAS), is prepared to accompany British Olympic athletes to the Winter Games in Russia in order to protect Britain's team members from any terrorist attacks, according to reports in United Kingdom news outlets on Sunday.

The leader of one of Russia's radical Muslim groups, Doku Umarov, is reportedly dead just days before the Winter Games in Sochi.

Even though Russian officials will deploy thousands of police officers and special law enforcement units, Islamic terrorists continue their threats to sabotage the event with attacks such as bombings that Russian's witnessed in December when two devices killed 64 and injured 62 in Volgograd, according to an Examiner news story.

Also, in early January, Russian police officers found six bodies in parked cars which were booby trapped with explosives aimed at police detectives responding to the crime scene.

That gruesome discovery was made after six suspects were taken into police custody and charged with a bombing on December 27, which killed three. They supposedly confessed that they were planning another ­attack, but the details remain classified.

Russia's Emergency Response Ministry has ordered all troops, police and intelligence officers to be on "combat readiness" from now until the end of the Winter Olympics.

The chief of the Islamic terrorists in South Caucasus, Doku Umarov, had been encouraging his cadre of followers to use extreme measures in order to create chaos and death during the sports event that will be watched by hundreds of millions of people beginning on Feb. 7, 2013, and concluding on Feb. 23, 2013.

However, according to Russian police, Umarov was killed during a gun battle between police and Islamists.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has become vocal in his threats "to battle the terrorists until their complete annihilation."

While there has been no word from the Obama administration about security plans for the U.S. Olympic Team, many experts believe the FBI, CIA, military specials forces, and perhaps security contractors will be accompanying America's athletes.

The worst Olympic terrorist attack occurred in 1972 during the Summer Games in Munich, West Germany. What became known as the Munich massacre was an attack on 11 members of Israel's Olympic team, who were taken hostage and eventually executed along with a West German police officer who was part of the security detail.

The attackers were Palestinian terrorists who received assistance from Germany's neo-Nazi followers and it was an attack that shocked and saddened the world.

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