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'South Park' 'Minecraft' episode turns the tables on video game violence debate

South Park
South Park
South Park turns the tables on the violent video game debate with a dash of Minecraft thrown in. (South Park Studios)

Violent video games are reflexively blamed by news media and politicians seemingly every time a mass shooting incident occurs. The creators behind South Park managed to brilliantly turn the tables to show the absurdity behind the argument in a single 22 minute episode Wednesday night titled, "Informative Murder Porn."

In the latest South Park episode, the town's parents have taken to watching "murder porn" - reality shows that focus on spouses and wives killing each other due to fits of sexual passion, jealousy or cheating. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman and the other children end up in the role of the "responsible" adult who is concerned over their parent's viewing habits. Things comes to a head after one dad who has hours of "murder porn" on his DVR kills his wife.

The children convene a townhall following the incident where they discuss ways of trying to stop their parents from watching their violent shows before settling on a cable box parental lock that asks a very simple Minecraft question.

The satire involving the consumption of violent media cuts deep as the creators rightly point out that cable channels are flooded with violent content and consumed regularly by adults who are far more likely to commit murder than children.

Along the way, South Park also manages to nail the unfortunate reality of dealing with cable companies in local monopolies as well.

South Park has touched on video games before with episodes such as "Make Love, Not Warcraft" and "Guitar Queer-O" plus it even has a new game - The Stick of Truth - due out this December. The show may not always hit but the mark when it comes to satire or comedy but "Interactive Murder Porn" nails the hypocrisy behind the violent video game perfectly.

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