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Sources confirm enemies within are close to their goal

Civil unrest in Ukraine could be in America's future as the enemies within close in on their goals.
Civil unrest in Ukraine could be in America's future as the enemies within close in on their goals.
Photo by Rob Stothard/Getty Images

Throughout the history of the United States, the enemies of freedom have always been at work to destroy the foundation and fabric of the nation. But now sources have confirmed that not only have these enemies been hard at work to negate the liberties Americans have come to expect, but they are close to reaching their ultimate goal of the total destruction of this Republic as a free nation.

The tactical framework by which the enemies within seek to reach their ultimate goal is multi-pronged. The first plank was the implementation of a significant part of the goals of the progressive movement in the early 1900s, again in the 1930s and 40s, again in the 1960s and 1990s, and yet again from 2008 until the present.

The progressive movement viewed the U.S. Constitution as its main roadblock to "progress," which was the newspeak term they used for regression. Thus, they sought to dismantle as much of the Constitution as the citizens would allow under various leaders such as Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama.

Wilson believed in eugenics, or the genetic perfecting of the human race as a means of getting rid of the "undesirables." He also threw persons of German/Austrian/Hungarian descent into concentration camps during World War I. FDR utilized the same tactics during World War II, except it was persons of Japanese descent who were rounded up and incarcerated without charges of wrongdoing, without warrants, and without a trial.

FDR also tried to ignore the Constitution by packing the Supreme Court with his favorites, adding new members without the approval of Congress or a change in Constitutional law to allow it. This he attempted to do because the Court had declared many of his social programs to be unconstitutional.

But perhaps the worst the thing FDR did was to rob Americans of their gold. The government had been keeping records of who bought gold for quite some time. And when the government ran out of money during the Great Depression, which had been prolonged and intensified by FDR's reckless spending, he confiscated all the gold, just like that. He notified Americans who had bought gold that they were to turn it in to the government. And like sheep, most Americans at the time "obeyed." But then Roosevelt decided like a good little crook that if these citizens wanted their gold back, they would have to pay at least twice what it was worth when the government confiscated it. This was nothing but a scheme, a criminal scheme, to force Americans to turn over their property to the federal government so that FDR's regime could charge them double for it and help the feds get some much needed money to fund the reckless spending FDR had implemented.

Criminal theft is still theft even when the government does it. But no one was ever forced to pay for their crimes against the citizens of the United States.

Later, LBJ implemented the practice of buying off certain groups of people by starting costly government programs that gave them taxpayer money. The theft only kicked into high gear. He also made sure the nation's first major gun control bill was passed into law in 1968. Johnson was a bigger crook than Nixon ever had time to be, but it just so happens that he never got caught, and the reason he never got caught is that he "had something" on everybody in Washington and threatened to use the damaging information whenever he got opposition. And Johnson was the source of a massive hoax as well, that continues to this very day, having to do with the egg industry and grain commodities. This will be discussed in Thursday's report.

Bill Clinton's term of office was rife with corruption, perhaps the most serious being that he mandated that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae be used as welfare programs and that anyone who applied for a mortgage be approved whether they could afford it or not. This is the single biggest factor that led to the eventual collapse of 2007-08. He only balanced the budget because a Republican Congress under Newt Gingrich forced him to do so. And he gutted the military, weakening it to the point of danger.

Most thinking people who care about the truth know the score on Barack Obama, so there is no need at this point to rehash the attacks on America that have taken place under his watch.

But these political leaders going back to the early 1900s are some of the main players in the inner workings of the enemy within.

Another major factor is the demise of the public educational system and the propaganda and indoctrination that characterizes most of it. Truth is hard to come by in schools today. It is slanted, biased, skewed, and tilted toward the progressive vision. But mainly, schools are not educational institutions anymore. They are merely baby-sitting mills.

This was the analysis provided by one well-placed source with significant contacts both in and outside the government. This source had grown up in Switzerland and lived in various countries of Europe. She also taught school in the states. She stated unequivocally that the U.S. public school system is a joke that exists for nothing more than progressive propaganda and baby-sitting. She also believes that this abominable state of affairs is part of a process that has been going on since the rise of the progressive movement in the early 1900s. School children must be "dumbed down" so that they won't know the difference when the Constitution is trampled.

This, she says, is one of the reasons why America is lagging behind the rest of the world in education. The program implemented by the enemy within is working. The schools graduate millions each year who can barely read much less function in a job setting. This is the reason why institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Columbia go overseas for a good portion of their students. American students can't cut the mustard anymore nor keep up with their foreign counterparts, thanks to the public school system.

And the Common Core program that the federal government is attempting to force on school boards will finish off what the dumbing down failed to do. Common Core goes for the jugular. At it's core is the view that the Bill of Rights are outdated, and therefore, students must be taught that we have to get rid of several of the 10 rights specified in the bill, if not all of them.

Another source stated that this is the federal government's way of getting rid of the Second Amendment, placing limits on free speech, negating the notion of the sovereign states as found in the 10th Amendment, and permanently removing the protections from illegal searches and seizures as provided in the Fourth Amendment.

These factors, along with others that will be disclosed Thursday, have led various sources in the patriot movement to conclude that the days of America as a free country are numbered, and that we are on the brink of losing most if not all of our liberties.

This is precisely the reason why patriots have drawn the line in the sand at gun rights. If the government oppressors succeed at depriving the citizens of their gun rights, then the battle is over. We lose. Therefore, we take our stand at our right to keep and bear arms as protected by the Second Amendment. This is increasingly the only leverage we have against the enemy within.


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