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Soros group launches suspicious media attack on gun rights

George Soros, the ultra-leftwing billionaire financier, provides funding for, which is running a series of anti-gun rights ads.
George Soros, the ultra-leftwing billionaire financier, provides funding for, which is running a series of anti-gun rights ads.
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

The George Soros funded, the ultra-liberal organization that funds and supports leftwing causes and politicians, has launched a media attack on gun rights, according to National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea.

Moveon has already posted a commercial on YouTube in support of Barack Obama's push to ban certain guns, limit ammunition, and outlaw the private sale of firearms citizen to citizen.

The group further plans to air the ads during all of the Sunday morning network news talk shows this coming Sunday morning.

But the man featured in the ad, who is identified as Ohio gun rights supporter Jerry Thompson, states that in spite of his strong belief in the Second Amendment he has turned against the NRA due to its practice of giving money to politicians who then refuse to do anything to keep Americans safe in the aftermath of mass shootings such as the Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Such claims -- the support of the Second Amendment, and the support of highly restrictive gun control laws -- present an incongruence that raises suspicions in Codrea's mind.

How could a person claim to support the Second Amendment, which states that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, while at the same time supporting measures that do, indeed, infringe on that right?

Codrea states that nobody with whom he spoke in the gun rights community in Ohio knows anything about a Jerry Thompson. Codrea himself is a resident of Ohio.

In short, something smells fishy about the Moveon ad.

And this has led Codrea to issue a challenge. Since no real discussion of gun rights is allowed at the website, Codrea has challenged Thompson to come to his Examiner page and have such a discussion there. Codrea says that he will even allow Thompson to have his say, unedited, provided he answers some key questions that Codrea finds to be particularly troublesome.

Codrea's questions are these:

Who does he think the militia of the Second Amendment is supposed to be comprised of? (And does he know what Alexander Hamilton wrote about the people being “well regulated” as a precondition to being armed?

What did the Founder mean by “shall not be infringed”?

Does he believe in gun registration? Does he believe government should have a database of all gun owners?

Does he believe gun owners should be licensed?

Does he believe gun owners should be able to engage in private sales?

Does he support ending or expanding “gun free zones”?

Does he support concealed carry? Shall issue, may issue or “Constitutional”?

Does he support open carry?

Does he support “stand your ground” laws?

Does he support semiautomatic gun bans?

Does he support magazine bans?

Does he support banning .50 caliber rifles?

Does he support confiscation of banned guns?

Does he support or oppose moves to ban lead ammunition?

Does he support prohibiting people on the “terror watch list” from purchasing guns, even if they have not been charged and found guilty of any crime?

Does he support microstamping?

Does he support suing gun manufacturers for the acts of criminals?

Does he support laws mandating guns in the home be locked up separately from ammunition?

What would he specifically like to tell people about precisely how he defends the Second Amendment and what is track record for doing it is?

These are key questions for anyone, anywhere who claims to be an enthusiastic supporter of the Second Amendment. Mouthing the words, "I am a gun owner who believes in the Second Amendment," is meaningless unless the person truly understands what, exactly, the Amendment stands for, its history and philosophy, and the point of view of the men who wrote the Amendment into the U.S. Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights.

Readers who wish to be part of the discussion are urged to visit Codrea's Examiner page and weigh in.


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