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Sony’s Andrew House comments on third-party exclusives for PS4

Sony’s Andrew House comments on third-party exclusives for PS4
Sony’s Andrew House comments on third-party exclusives for PS4
Sony Computer Entertainment

Andrew House has made a few interesting comments in regards to third-party exclusives for the PS4. In a long interview with The Guardian on Dec. 16, the president of Sony Computer Entertainment was asked if the next-generation systems would mark the end of publishers releasing video games exclusively for one platform.

Andrew House replied by saying that he is not willing to write off the potential of “full exclusives.” However, he mentioned that “exclusive content” for multiplatform titles are becoming equally as important. You can check out his comments below:

I wouldn’t write off the possibility of full exclusives. But what is equally resonant is the presence of some form of exclusive content within a multi-platform franchise.

The president also disclosed that exclusives should also take advantage of the PS4, possibly in a way that couldn't be done on other competing platforms, hinting that it will be something his company will “develop over time.” You can check out some hardware shots of the next-generation system in the slideshow located to the left of this article and his statement below:

What’s more important is not to try and craft something that is just exclusive for the sake of it, but that takes full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s capabilities, in a way that perhaps isn’t possible for the competition. That’s something we’ll develop over time.

The only high-profile third-party exclusive video games announced for the PS4 so far is “Deep Down.” However, Sony Computer Entertainment is apparently helping Capcom develop the action role-playing game.

The PS4 came out on Nov. 15 with “Killzone: Shadow Fall,” “Knack” and “Resogun.” All three exclusive software products were published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Several upcoming PS4-only titles, such as “inFamous: Second Son” and “The Order: 1886,” will also published by the same company.