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Somalia: a failed socialist state, not a 'Libertarian Paradise'

Some people, eager to publically display their utter ignorance of libertarianism, say things like, "If libertarians hate government so much they should move to Somalia."

The Somalian central government became many separate little governments. Government lovers should love the place.
Credit: CSMIRRORMirror's channel/YouTube

First, government-worshipping people misunderstand why libertarians hate government.

It's because governments are criminal enterprises.

All governments are creatures of a ruling class. The rulers stake ownership claims over a geographical area and demand everyone in that area pay them tribute, typically in the form of taxes. This makes them different only in style from neighborhood gangs in major cities worldwide, "Narco-States" in Central America (created in response to the lucrative opportunities made possible by America's ruling class "War on Drugs"), and Mafia.

Second, it's true that Somalia doesn't have "a" government only because it has many of governments.

In 1991 the Somali government officially recognized by other ruling class governments was run out of business following a civil war. It had been a vicious military dictatorship controlled by the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party. (Sorry socialism lovers, Somalia is a failed socialist state.)

The wannabe United Nations World Government tried twice to forcibly impose ruling class governments on Somalia, first in 2000 and again in 2012. The first failed miserably and the second is still failing.

During that entire time Somalia has been run by the "unrecognized" break-away nation of Somaliland and by "More than 20 separate new ministates," clan enclaves and cantons.

Whether "unrecognized" or run by warlords, these governments operate just as every other government in the world operates; they exist by collecting money through coercion, intimidation and fraud.

They differ only in style.

Some set up roadblocks and charge tolls, just like small towns in America that support themselves with speed traps on major highways.

Some hijack ships and turn the plunder and kidnapped crews into ransom cash, much as DEA SWAT teams seize innocent people's houses, cars, boats and cash under ruling class "confiscation laws."

There are other de facto governments in Somalia.

"The country’s big six telecom companies are undermining the government by evading taxes and refusing to cooperate on surveillance," –, January 2014.

Many big US corporations pay no taxes while the NSA government-within-a-government coerces telecoms into surveilling us.

Still other warlord governments received weapons and money from the CIA to "fight al-Qaida," just like so many other "recognized" governments.

So maybe it's libertarians who should be telling government-lovers they should move to Somalia. The place is crawling with governments.

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