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Solange attacks Jay-Z on elevator, confronts him about cheating on Beyonce

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It looks like Jay-Z has "99 Problems", and Solange is one of them...

According to elevator footage released today by TMZ, Solange can be seen "ferociously" punching and kicking Jay-Z in an elevator following last week's Met Gala. Solange was finally restrained by Jay-Z's security, but she was obviously very upset with rap's 500-million-dollar-man.

Interestingly, Beyonce was also in the elevator during the wild assault, but she stood in the corner the entire time and left the elevator with a sly smirk.

Strange, strange, strange. So, what provoked Solange to put them paws on Jay-Z?

According to our sources, Beyonce recently discovered that Jay-Z has been "Big Pimpin" with a well-known video model. However, Bey decided to keep things quiet in hopes of keeping her personal life out of the public. But word is that when Bey's little sister heard of Jay-Z's infidelity, she went berserk and couldn't wait for her first opportunity to show Jay-Z the "Hard Knock Life."

Fast forward to the Met Gala. Solange traps Jay-Z in the elevator, confronts him, and smacks his lips half off his face...all while Beyonce stands in the corner feeling somewhat vindicated and entertained.

We'll keep you updated as we get more info on this developing story.