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SOHO Enamel Jewelry carves out niche in fashion accessories

Anyone who is interested in fashion and style understands the importance of choosing the right accessories, especially when it comes to choosing the right jewelry for an outfit. But how do you know which jewelry goes with which look?

Anyone who is interested in fashion and style understands the importance of choosing the right accessories.
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

And, perhaps more importantly, how do you get the jewelry you’re looking for at a price you can afford?

While shopping at thrift stores, yard sales and trunk shows can save you a few bucks, shopping for jewelry online can offer not only the most variety, but also the lowest prices. You’ll want to choose a site you can trust—for example, if you’re looking for beautiful jewelry that looks expensive but features a reasonable price tag, consider a site such as SOHO Enamel Jewelry.

The company offers both silver and gold items, so whatever your preference, you’ll find what you need. Plus, the items are both unique and stylish, so you’ll still impress your friends with your exquisite taste.

Choosing Your Look

As jewelry trends tend to change quickly, many fashionistas find that keeping up with it can be difficult. But with a few basic guidelines, you can quickly choose the right jewelry for an outfit and for your jewelry collection.

  • Do you want a bold look, or would you prefer to keep it more subtle? When you’re shopping for a bolder look, you’ll want to choose pieces that will be more visible—they should “pop” and offer a complimenting contrast to your outfit.
  • What’s the occasion? Your jewelry should be appropriate for the event you’re attending. So, for example, while a thick choker might be perfect for a cocktail party, it might be a bit much for a board meeting.
  • What’s your budget? If you want a diamond ring but you don’t have the cash flow, you’ll have to find a suitable alternative—say a sterling silver ring with a white crystal.
  • How long will you wear it? Some jewelry isn’t meant to be worn all the time, so if you’re planning to wear something day in and day out, you need to consider the quality. Costume jewelry might not be your best bet, but real sterling silver or gold can be exactly what you need.
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