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Software sales systems that help business owners keep track of everything

Software sales systems that help business owners keep track of everything
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As a woman who runs her own freelance writing business that has been formed into an LLC, I don’t know where I’d be without tools like Google Calendar, Microsoft Word and Excel. Those three applications stay open on my MacBook Air nearly all day, with the former usually chock full of tasks – some representing articles to be written, while others fall more into the “to-do list” of items to accomplish.

Regarding the importance of the latter two applications, just last night found this Internet Deals Examiner writer pretty happy that I pay Microsoft Corporation $10.66 each month for the ability to access Microsoft Office 365 on my iPad, because after my better half fell asleep and I still had work to get done, I was able to continue my journalistic tendencies by cranking out two more articles by 1 a.m. on my tablet as it rested on its back in bed.

How paying for tech services deals and apps can help you earn more money

On the onset, it might seem that paying nearly $130 each year for the access to use Microsoft Office applications on my iPad is a frivolous waste of money. However, if that same $130 allows me to generate 1,000 times that amount in writing income, then the cost is well worth the mere pittance it represents. Besides, expenses like that can be deducted from my gross income each year and not taxed.

Another cool tool this investigative tech reporter recently signed up for is called the Stride App, a sales tracking tool that helps all kinds of business folks with their customer relationship management.

When you think about it, the sales flow has many different levels to keep track of: First, there’s the initial approach by customers who are in the “considering” stage of hiring you. Once they’ve progressed to the second stage of choosing to pay for your product or service, it helps to track those clients who’ve signed contracts versus those who haven’t. Then, you need to know which ones you’ve delivered the final product or service to, and keep those separate from folks who’ve paid you everything they owe versus those whose payments need to be followed up on.

After all, running a successful business is oftentimes more the result of organization, which can trump talent any day. The owner of a strip mall recently told me about a very talented hairdresser who went out of business because she didn’t have a business-centered mind. Likewise, what’s the use in being an extremely gifted developer if you don’t know how to approach clients, charge the appropriate hourly rates and follow up on getting paid?

All of the above applications can help balance out right-brained creative pursuits like photography, writing, and even coding, with those practical left-brain activities such as balancing the books and knowing your accounts payable and receivable amounts. That way, not only would your eclectic talents help generate a good income, apps like the aforementioned can help you keep track of your monies, duties and by keeping you on top of things, help make sure your sales income lands in your account.

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