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SoftScience footwear offers supreme comfort and style

Crocs original co-owner, Scott Seaman and CEO, John Duerden, are set to once again revitalize the comfort and support footwear industry with the launch of their new SoftScience Footwear brand. Thanks to its "soft", Trileon material, a closed cell foam material owned by the company that is used in the footwear's insoles (which is removable and odor resistant), midsoles and outsoles, the SoftScience shoes are ultra-lightweight, extremely impact absorbent, stable and odor resistant. The "science" part of the footwear equation comes from their Levelast Universal Comfort Platform, a mechanical form, footbed technology that's shaped and looks like the actual foot. It provides minimal elevation changes in height (from heel to toe), allowing the foot to remain "level,". A level foot allows the body to spread the pressure of your body's weight evenly across the areas of your foot, which reduces ground impact on specific areas.

Scott Seamans at the SoftScience Footwear Collection Launch
Dynelle Skinner/

The SoftScience Footwear range comes in three main collections - Casual, Boating, and Fishing. The styles are roomy, relaxed and generally the shape same across all three collections. The durable yet simple design minimizes the need for adhesives and layers of material. Wearers can expect a stable platform, superb shock absorption, and, a slip resistant and non-marking outsole.

Casual styles include the Atoll Sports Moccasin (men's), the Drift Canvas (both men's and women's), the Drift Weave (both men's and women's), and the Painter (an ode to Jackson Pollack). Boating and Fishing styles include the Cruise (both men’s and women's), and the Fin (men's). The Drift Canvas is also featured under the Fishing Collection.

One notable detail about some styles from the SoftScience Footwear Collection, which makes it even more of a favorite, is the fact that styles like the Drift Canvas and Drift Weave has the ability to turn from a slip-on to a clog. We had the opportunity to speak with John Duerden, CEO of SoftScience Footwear, to find out more about the brand and it's wonderful attributes. We advise you to bookmart the SoftScience website now to get full updates on availability and purchasing.

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