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Sofia Vergara boobs get ‘thanks’ during ‘Modern Family’ SAG Awards speech

Sofia Vergara had the fans shocked on Saturday night when she thanked her boobs on the 20th Annual SAG Awards. The entertainer was accepting the award on behalf of “Modern Family” when her acceptance speech went a little sideways.

“We are going to make Sofia talk because America loves her and her boobs,” said Julie Bowen on SAG Awards stage. The star was joking, but the fans were astonished by the moment. Of course Sofia Vergara was laughing, but it seemed like she was a little bit annoyed at the idea.

The speech Sofia Vergara gave to the masses on stage was very kind. She offered gratitude to the stars in attendance, the creators of “Modern Family” and all the cast that was standing behind her. It was then that Julie Bowen leaned in and suggested that she thank one other thing.

“And my boobs,” said Sofia Vergara on the SAG Awards repeating what Bowen has just whispered in her ear. While the joke seemed to be one that was in good spirit, the star didn’t seem to realize what she had just said until it was too late.

Of course everyone laughed at the SAG Awards, but it was an awkward laugh that reminded viewers that even actresses can go too far. Take a look at the video clip of Sofia Vergara thanking her own body parts.

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