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Socialist Party to announce Dean Capone as presidential candidate

Dean Capone plans to launch a 2016 bid for the White House.

The Socialist Party of the United States of America will formally announce Dean Capone as its 2016 presidential candidate Monday, Aug. 4, in Chicago, according to a press release Monday, July 28.

The announcement will be held at New Era Windows Cooperative, 2600 W. 35th St., Suite 127, Chicago.

Capone announced he was seeking the Socialist nomination earlier this month, making the Basic Income Guarantee a large part of his platform.

“The Basic Income Guarantee is a crux of my proposed candidacy,” Capone told Basic Income Earth Network in an earlier report.

According to his website: (Dean Capone) is a proponent of public ownership of primary heavy industry, a strong and unionized workforce, a National Basic Income and advocacy of civil and human rights at home and abroad, (he) represents a new generation in democratic socialist leadership."

Capone, 48, is the former treasurer of the Socialist Party's Tampa Bay (Florida) chapter.

He says while winning the White House may be a long shot, his candidacy will encourage third-party candidates compete on the federal level.

"Despite the undercurrent of a favorable view of socialism by a third of the electorate in this country, the truth is the movement as a whole has been greatly marginalized for a great many years, and increasingly so," Capone told the Independent Political Report. "The primary objective of a campaign such as this is to be able to take the message to a national stage, yes – while also realizing that the first step is rebuilding a positive momentum so that *future* leaders may actually begin to compete as third party candidates."

Capone also says he supports a federal tax increase and more surcharges on carbon fuels to restructure the U.S. energy economy with a $100 billion overhaul.

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