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So, how's that Jay Leno VS. David Letterman ratings battle going, anyway?



  • Mr. Obvious 6 years ago

    The only thing sadder than someone feeling intellectually superior over preferring Conan to Leno is a writer who can't even understand the sources that he's quoting. Examine what you've written a little closer, Scotty, and see if you can't figure out why you sound so moronic as you snidely note that Leno's audience is made up of old folks.

  • Mr Obvious obviously sucks 6 years ago

    Mr. Obvious, I would love to see Jay Leno's ratings if his primary lead in, was ....... the Jay Leno show. You know the "channel changing" entertainment that NBC Affiliates and Conan had to endure.

    NBC executives are so incredibly stupid, and Jay Leno is clearly the biggest freakin jerk in all of television. I will never watch one more second of that moron.

  • Laura 6 years ago

    I stopped watching Leno altogether. I won't waste my time. I would rather go to bed.

  • Cynthia 6 years ago


    And I have no qualms about saying it.
    Leno's ratings will be right back where they were before all of the crap hit the fan over these last several months. His show will be #1 in the late night ratings. (And for the bazillionth time, I watch Letterman!)

    I'd like to know just how accurate that age poll was, Scott. It sounds more like the results gleaned from your office dartboard of resentment.

    You really should be more careful in typifying the 50+ age group as being "old folks" and hence the reason for St. Conan being booted. It couldn't be further from the truth - and it smacks of sour grapes emanating from our friendly Examiner.

  • Capt Body 6 years ago

    David Letterman rapes. Big jaw leno is trash. I watched leno once after he came back and he is not funny at all. David letterman makes the guests seem mote interesting, and he's not corny like leno.

  • Kevin 6 years ago

    The only thing sadder than someone feeling intellectually superior over preferring Conan to Leno is....

    Is there anything sadder than that? LOL... imagine someone has absolutely nothing to feel good for so he decided that one's taste for TV shows makes him not a loser.

  • Bob 6 years ago

    Leno is absolutely corny. He's not funny. He's just one big piece of lousy.

  • me 6 years ago


  • Music Man 6 years ago

    Jay is the BEST! He is funny and has lots of different ideas that keep you watching!

  • Mike 6 years ago

    David Letterman.

  • Yvette 6 years ago

    Letterman all the way!!!!!!!

  • unaffected 6 years ago

    Rarely watch either but if i do it is Letterman. Leno is lame personified.

  • yahoo 6 years ago

    Letterman should have retired. He was and he always be only second to Leno.

  • RG 6 years ago

    Letterman's jokes are kinda desperate. He keeps doing bring segments and trying too hard to be funny. It all comes out that Letterman is the joke.

  • Susan 6 years ago

    Letterman is terrible. Glad to see Jay Leno back. I hope he beats Letterman in the ratings all the time.

  • danielle 6 years ago

    the reason why letterman is doing so well is because leno moved his show to 11:30 and so many people are so tired and laying in bed that they are so overtired that they think leno is actually good.... take it from someone who knows; my father works for letterman

  • T man 6 years ago

    leno wouldnt be bad if it werent for the fact that everything has to be about him.when he conducts an interview he steals his guests punch line when they are telling their stories to get the laugh himself.i havent even tried to watch this guy since i tuned in for the last late show aniversary show, expecting to see a homage to jack parr, steve allen,and johnny carson,the people who really made that show,and instead this jerk says hes going to retire in five yrs. thereby once again usurping the lime light for himself.parr,laid the foundation,allen built this show,and carson made it an institution.leno just ruined it,and thats all about him so he would be happy with what ive said,the selfish ass.

  • Mike 6 years ago

    Leno's humor is so utterly lame!! WHY in the world do people continue to watch this garbage?? He is funny at all!! Sure, Letterman's and Connan's humor is just a step above Monty Python's dry English humor. But they're light years funnier than that self-centered jerk, Leno!!!!

  • Cindy 6 years ago

    For me it's Letterman all the way! Leno used to be funnier before he started trying to please everyone. His opening on his show s self-serving and obviously narcissistic view of himself. But even before Leno lost his edge, Letterman was always my preference! Johnny had the best instincts! He wanted Letterman to succeed him. Johnny was great! Dave is great! Leno loves cars, and is somewhat funny. Dave is a brillliant interviewer, an excellent host, and a gifted comedian.

  • Marsha 514 5 years ago

    Silly to bring up 'Carson liked Letterman Better' since JAY LENO got the job and has been #1 continuously. It wasn't his choice to leave or go on at 10 PM, but he bowed out gracefully and when asked to come back he did so with a vengance. His monolog is quick and witty, his 'Jay Walking' is hilarious, his new spots are original and a quick chuckle, you can't beat his 'headlines' and his interviews can be counted on to be spontaneous, funny, and in good spirit. He will always have found some long forgotten view of a guest that we all enjoy seeing and have them share some personal side of themselves that we have not before known. I love JAY JUST THE WAY HE IS. Oh, the band is a pleasant improvement also. Nothing personal, Dave, but you put me to sleep.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I don't know how anyone watches Leno, rehashed jokes and stuff he stole from his apperances on Letterman. He's not even a funny guy either, he just sounds like he continously does cocaine.

  • Mark Ham 4 years ago

    Leno makes me laugh...I don't trust Letterman, creepy guy.

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