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Snow White and her seven newborn puppies impounded at animal control

Update: Rescued by Wags and Walks!

Snow White and her 7 babies
Pat Gregoire

Her name is Snow White, but her companions are not the seven dwarfs and she is certainly not living out an idealistic scene from a Disney movie.

In this case, Snow White is a two-year-old terrier mix and the seven "dwarfs" are her newborn puppies - the entire family is currently kenneled at the Los Angeles County Animal Care and Control facility in Baldwin Park, Calif.

Snow White was picked up as a stray back on June 17 and she became available to a rescue organization on June 22. Snow White and her beautiful, newborn babies need a committed rescue agency who can offer them a safe haven...especially until the puppies are older.

Animal control facilities can be dangerous to newborn puppies given the possibility of disease transmission with the high intake of dogs.

In a video taken of Snow White on June 21, it appears that her fur is unkempt, and dirty - given that she was a stray, her history is a mystery. During the brief period of time that she is being filmed, she appears to be a good mother and she did allow the person who was filming to touch her through the kennel bars.

Please take a moment to network this beautiful family's information - they need to leave the facility and join the safety of a rescue agency which is equipped to handle their needs.


  • Petharbor link for Snow White here
  • SNOW WHITE - ID#A4722784
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control - Baldwin Park at (626) 962-3577
  • Facebook thread here
  • View "Sneezy's" Petharbor link here to see what the puppies look like
  • Video link here

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