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Snow Babies figurines sell year round on eBay

Snow babies are collectible and sell for good money on eBay.

Snow babies sound cute, don't they? Well not only are they adorable, but Snow babies can mean nice profits on eBay all year round. A snow baby is a small, usually ceramic or porcelain figurine that depicts the winter season, winter sports, or Christmas holidays. Traditionally made of porcelain bisque, snow babies are a representation of a baby or young child dressed in a snowsuit. The snowsuit is covered in small rough pieces of crushed bisque and spattered with glitter sand. They are actually quite charming and their faces resemble Kewpie dolls or cherubs.

Snow babies were first manufactured in 1864 by Hertwig and Company of Thuringia, Germany. Originally, the snow babies were made of candy and used as Christmas decorations. People in England often used the candy snow babies as cake toppers since they were only about two inches tall. Santa figures, elves, polar bears, penguins, snowmen, skaters, and elves are often associated with snow babies. Prior to World War II, lesser quality snow babies were produced in Japan.

Today, ceramic and porcelain snow babies are made by Department 56 (made in Taiwan) and some can sell for up to $250 depending on how rare the item is and how desired it is by collectors. Lots also do very well if the seller prefers to stockpile several figurines and sell at one time. Look for snow baby Christmas tree ornaments as well as the figurines. Some are quite valuable, such as the Snow Babies Twelve Days of Christmas series. Take some time to look through Christmas ornaments at garage sales and estate sales, as these items sell all year.

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