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Snoop Dogg talks his medical marijuana card and weed on Chelsea Lately

snoop dog medical card snoop dogg medical marijuana card getting his medical marijuana license
Snoop Dogg has his medical marijuana card, talks weed on
Chelsea Lately. Photo/AP

Rapper Snoop Dogg calls it "greenery" and talked to Chelsea Lately on New Years Eve about his license to take in medical marijuana.

Some celebs like Brad Pitt and Paolo Nutini have confessed they've done the P-O-T illegally while others like Britney Spears have banned pot smoking from concerts, but superstar rapper Snoop says he's got the card to pass go.

After Chelsea Handler asked Snoop if he received her special delivery of margaritas to his dressing room, he suggested he mixes his margs with some "greenery".

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"Congratulations on getting a medical marijuana license!" Chelsea responded.

"I needed it. I was having migraine pains and my vision was getting blurry," he said. Of his symptoms that required the medical weed, Snoop said nervousness and anxiety were contributing factors.

"I get a little nervous in front of people," he said.

VIDEO: Snoop Dogg on Chelsea Lately, New Year's Eve

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  • 8 YEAR OLD 4 years ago

    I love Snoop I am going to start smoking pot as soon as I can find some at school! Oh man I heard crack makes you feel good, DMX says you can rap on crack I suuurrrrre wish I had some crack so i could be famous too.

  • Nic 4 years ago

    Lol, shut up "8 year old"....

  • Anonymous 2 years ago

    I get nervous around people AND when i'm alone.
    Guess i qualify too.
    LEGALIZE it don't criticize it!



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