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Slideshow: Dallas LP at Cinco de Mota

Dallas County LP booth with Robert Richer, John Lindsey, Jordan Wagnon and Seth Hollist.
Dallas County LP booth with Robert Richer, John Lindsey, Jordan Wagnon and Seth Hollist.
Garry Reed


Dallas County LP info booth ready for action at Cinco de Mota. See more in the slideshow.
Garry Reed

While most Libertarian Party activists made the pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the national party's convention (where Gary Johnson was officially anointed on C-SPAN as its presidential candidate) a small contingent of Dallas County LP diehards stayed behind to staff an information booth at the Cinco de Mota marijuana rally in Big D.

The Libertarians pitched their tent early and offered an impressive array of newly developed outreach literature, including business cards, information flyers and posters, to freedom-seeking festivalgoers.

Saturday, May 5, or Cinco de Mayo, was a day to celebrate Mexican heritage and culture throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, but The Global Marijuana March was scheduled for the same day. Since "mota" is Latin American Spanish Slang for "weed," the DFW NORML people cleverly tagged their fiesta in Dallas City Hall Plaza as Cinco de Mota.

Seth Hollist, LP candidate for US Congress, Texas District 32, which covers much of Northern Dallas and surrounding areas, was on hand to speak with people about the libertarian freedom philosophy and ask for their support.

Libertarian activist Robert Richer, LP Executive Committee member John Lindsey and party Secretary Jordan Wagnon were also present to spread the word.

Ed Kless, the LP candidate for Texas State Senate District 8, was in attendance only in the form of business cards and campaign literature. The person himself was busy seconding the nomination of Gary Johnson for president at the national LP convention in Las Vegas that day.

What appeared to be a smaller than hoped-for crowd was entertained by bands, regaled by speakers, and confronted by vendors with food, paintings, jewelry, handcrafted arts and free handouts promoting the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws,, and that politically motivated group of all things freedom, the Libertarian Party of Dallas County.

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