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SLCC FanX: James Marsters vamps on 'Buffy', 'Torchwood' and 'Dresden'

James Marsters dishes on "Buffy", "Torchwood", and "The Dresden Files" at FanX
James Marsters dishes on "Buffy", "Torchwood", and "The Dresden Files" at FanX
Courtesy of Dan Farr Productions

It's clear that show producer Dan Farr loves all things Joss Whedon. Last September, Buffy the Vampire Slayer alum Nicholas Brendon graced the Ballroom stage, while FanX features Buffy alum Julie Benz, and Firefly stars Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin.

James Marsters, better known for his turn in Buffy and the equally beloved spin-off Angel as bad boy vampire Spike, also graciously agreed to appear at the inaugural FanX, sharing stories of his vast, impressive career, which also includes Smallville, Torchwood, and his recent appearance on fan-favorite show Supernatural.

“Ask me anything,” Marsters challenged his fans in attendance. “I'm shameless. I've never been embarrassed by a question since I've been doing these.”

So, it was only natural that the first question from a fan would be about what it was like to kiss Torchwood star John Barrowman on film. The question elated Marsters, which he gave a lengthy, interesting response to it.

“Men, let me tell you this,” Marsters gleefully said. “If you expect to be kiss, shave. Seriously. It feels better. Either grow it out long enough where it becomes soft again or just get rid of it. But it's so uncomfortable to kiss sandpaper.”

Being considered a hunk still after all this time, many of the questions Marsters fielded were about the different costars he kissed, but laughed most of them off while hiding his embarrassment.

“You have to understand, I'm a traditional guy,” he admitted after explaining his background as a Methodist pastor's son, as well as the mechanics and lack of romance that goes into filming a screen kiss. “The person I enjoy kissing the most has always been my wife. I much rather prefer kissing off-screen than I do on-screen.”

After regaling the audience with behind-the-scenes stories from Buffy and Supernatural, Marsters got to talk about what is clearly his favorite thing to do: the audiobooks for Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files.

“Sometimes I'll fall onto the floor laughing with the character voices I come up with,” Marsters said with delight. “While there are many great authors out there, no one has the unique voice that Butcher has. He is an amazing author and I'm lucky to read those.”

Naturally, towards the end of the panel, Marsters talked about the future, which is clearly very busy for the multi-talented actor. As a writer, he is working with Buffy co-producer David Fury on an upcoming untitled novel, as well as a comic book with Dark Horse Comics entitled Into The Light. As a musician, his rock band Ghost of the Robot is about to enter the studio for their fourth album before embarking on an international tour. Finally, as an actor, he's working on a new movie called Dragon Warriors, which will debut its trailer at FanX this Saturday.

James Marsters will be signing autographs throughout FanX.

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