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Skyrim modder recreating Game of Thrones with The Westeros Project

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An enterprising group of modders is merging the land of Westeros from the popular Game of Thrones books and HBO show with the also popular The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC. The result is a land mass five times the size of Skyrim which is shown off in a video released on Friday.

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The Westeros Project is a full conversion mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that pushes the limits of what the game engine can do. The video released is void of any rocks, trees, houses, castles, NPC's or creatures as the team first gets the shape and topography of the land of Westeros down.

While the Westeros map for this mod is not the same scale as the imaginary world, it is still much larger than Skyrim and took one of the team members almost an hour to ride a horse from the southern most tip of the continent all the way to Castle Black located at The Wall.

The Westeros Project team created the entire continent first so that it can easily add more content and playable areas during development. Based on the concept art released so far, it looks like they are starting with Winterfell.

The team behind The Westeros Project is currently recruiting designers, artists and even voice actors. For more details, check out their Blog page or their ModDB page.

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