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Skin Care Tip: Quit Smoking & Enjoy Better Skin




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Maintaining healthy skin for the long haul means doing the little things perfectly. There are many obvious things you can do on a routine basis to keep healthy skin, but there are some things that stand out above and beyond doing the little things that I really like to harp on. One of them is avoiding cigarette smoking at all costs.

Cigarette smoking is a nasty habit and should be avoided for so many more reasons other than skin care, but since skin care is my background and what I know above and beyond all other topics, it’s what I will key in on and really tell you the con’s that happen when you smoke cigarettes.

Smoker’s face is the first thing I like to tell people they can expect if they choose a lifestyle that includes cigarette smoking. “Smoker’s face” was a term labeled by Dr. Douglas Model back in 1985. After carefully looking at the long term affects of smoking and how it affects the skin, the changes he observed in comparison to non-smokers were quite drastic.

When you smoke, you do several things to your skin.

  1. You dry the skin on the surface.
  2. You get dull skin and lose color and tone.
  3. You lose elasticity.
  4. You get lines. This is from the repeated expressions that happen when you take an actual drag off the cigarette. Repeated expressions like squinting, smiling, laughing, and making facial expressions cause wrinkles and fine lines.

Smoking cigarettes depletes oxygen from the skin and dehydrates the cellular movement. Each drag you take you not only makes it worse, but it’s often times impossible to recover from these types of things. The best anti aging serums and treatments can’t even help you recover from smoking – but you can sure give them a shot and try to defend yourself with a topical cream if you continue to smoke.

If you must smoke, I suggest trying electronic cigarettes. They remove the 4,000 or more toxins found in tobacco cigarettes. They will still cause wrinkles since you are making the actual drag and facial movement, but they will be far less damaging than traditional cigarettes. If you are new to this idea, check out this site: e cigarette reviews.


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