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Skeletal dog taken in at animal control is saved by rescue agency

Recently, an emaciated dog arrived to the Indianapolis Animal Care and Control facility in Ind., and soon thereafter he was transferred to a rescue organization which was better equipped to handle his significant health needs.

General Jimmy
Every Dog Counts Rescue
Every Dog Counts Rescue

Last week, the skeletal dog, dubbed "General Jimmy," was taken under the wing of the non-profit rescue, Every Dog Counts Rescue.

On Friday, the rescue agency wrote the following update for their Facebook followers:

We don't know who did this to General Jimmy... he was found stray, but he can barely walk, so someone must have dumped him. He is absolutely emaciated, with sores on his right hip, tush, and front paws. But still... he is gentle, and sweet, and wants nothing more than to lay his big head on your lap.

He is so malnourished we had to start him on a special plan of rehydration and slowly increasing meal sizes to avoid shocking his system into Refeeding Syndrome. He has a tough battle ahead, but he is *very* eager to eat and cuddle.

He's been fighting to stay alive alone to this point, but now he has Team EDCR behind him!

On Saturday, the rescue agency updated the National Dog News Examiner with the following information:

He came thru Indianapolis Animal Care & Control. They transferred him to us immediately on intake, recognizing that he needed care & a foster home - not to sit in a concrete kennel! He is being treated by Dr. Mark Petersmann at VCA West 86th St. Animal Hospital (317-872-0200).

The neglected dog is beginning to recover - on Saturday afternoon, he was not only eating (every four to six hours), but also, enjoying much needed rest in the warm sunshine. Jimmy has a long road to recovery ahead of him - fortunately, he is right where he needs to be to make a full recovery possible.

Follow Jimmy's recovery at this link to the rescue agency's Facebook page.

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