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Six super sweet 16 birthday gifts for guys or girls

A sixteenth birthday offers an opportunity for a memorable celebration, often marked by festive gatherings of family members and friends. Ever since Neil Sedaka released his hit single, “Happy Birthday, Sweet 16,” in 1981, the chorus has stuck in the public mind.

What special birthday gifts are most suitable for a sweet 16 birthday celebration?
Six super sweet 16 birthday gifts for guys or girls – Graphic created by this user – with public domain artwork

Sixteen candles on a birthday cake are a highlight of the teenage years. In some families, a kid’s sixteenth birthday may be the occasion on which he or she receives a driver's license and perhaps even parental license to begin dating.

What special birthday gifts are most suitable for a sweet 16 birthday celebration?

Here are six super sweet 16 birthday gift ideas for a teen’s 16th birthday.

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These sweet 16 birthday gifts are listed in ascending order, by probable pricing. (A list of 16 additional sweet 16 gift ideas for guys or girls appears at the end of the article as well.)

1. Key Ring

Most 16 year olds are learning how to drive a car. Many will even obtain their driving licenses on or shortly after their 16th birthdays. Why not choose a special sweet 16 ring for the birthday teen to hold his or her own house and car keys?

Choose from a boundless array of key rings at local card and gift shops or even discount department stores. Some key rings may be personalized with the sweet 16 birthday celebrant’s own name and birth date. Other key rings may accommodate your choice of photographs or photos from the sweet 16 birthday party.

2. Wallet with $16

Any sweet 16 birthday teen would be overjoyed to receive a trendy new wallet, particularly if it contains a cash gift. How about tucking $16 into a cute billfold or coin purse?

Find several appropriate wallet choices for all budget levels at teen-friendly accessory boutiques or at big-box discount department stores.

3. Gas Card

A gas card makes an ideal sweet 16 birthday gift. What sweet 16 birthday teen would not welcome a gas card for filling up his or her own car or the family vehicle?

Even if the sweet 16 birthday celebrant is not yet driving, he or she will be able to use a gas card to help out friends who shuttle him or her around town as well.

4. Movie Tickets

Teenagers love to go to movies, and a sweet 16 birthday teen would be thrilled to receive movie tickets or cinema gift passes as a sweet 16 birthday gift. Check with the local cinema box office or ticket window for pricing and availability.

5. Gift Card

Without a doubt, gift cards are the safest bet for sweet 16 birthday gifts. Most teens enjoy shopping, especially with their friends, and a gift card offers a great start.

Most 16 year olds would love to receive gift cards for a favorite restaurants, hair salons,, spa or online music download services.

Gift cards are usually available in any amount the buyer selects – perhaps a celebratory $16?

6. Car

In all honesty, the number-one fantasy birthday gift of any teenager turning 16 is a set of wheels. What 16 year old doesn't dream of having his or her own car?

Although a new car may not be an option as a sweet 16 birthday gift in most families, a reasonably priced used car might be.

Of course, the addition of another car to the family fleet is a considerable expense. Gas, insurance, and repair costs can quickly add up. Many parents opt to offer their teenagers an opportunity to earn their own first set sof wheels. This is certainly an individual family's own decision.

Still, every sweet 16 birthday teen seems to wonder whether a set of wheels might appear at his or her sweet 16 birthday party.

Make memories with super sweet 16 gifts for guys or girls

With a little imagination, you can create your own novel gift for a sweet 16 birthday girl. Without spending a small fortune, you might assemble a collection of 16 items in her area of interest.

Here are 16 more sweet 16 ideas to get you started:

  • 16 balloons
  • 16 bubble bath pouches
  • 16 candy bars / gum packs
  • 16 dollars
  • 16 earring pairs
  • 16 glow sticks
  • 16 hair clips
  • 16 lollipops
  • 16 markers
  • 16 nail polish jars
  • 16 note cards
  • 16 packs of microwave popcorn
  • 16 pairs of socks
  • 16 photo frames
  • 16 sticker sheets
  • 16 temporary tattoos

Regardless of the actual gifts that are selected and presented at a sweet 16 birthday party, the most memorable items of all will be the photographs taken on the occasion. In fact, a very special gift might be a scrapbook of photos and notes from those who share the sweet 16 celebration.

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