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SHOT 2014: Another Hollywood threat against gun owners

The NRA is here at the SHOT Show, and they don't appear worried about a report that a new anti-gun movie is in the works.
The NRA is here at the SHOT Show, and they don't appear worried about a report that a new anti-gun movie is in the works.
Dave Workman

As the third day of the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) show unfolds today, the Washington Times reported that a Hollywood movie producer is planning a hit piece film that will “try to destroy the National Rifle Association.”

The story was a headliner Thursday afternoon on The Gun Wire.

One might guess that the NRA, with its new exhibit centrally-located on the main floor of the show, will not lose much sleep because the five-million-member organization — like the firearms industry now gathered here in Las Vegas — appears to be thriving on attacks from anti-gunners. Hollywood has demonized gun owners in the past, but the NRA and other gun rights organizations, along with gun ranges and gun stores have hardly withered.

The collective reaction around here from those who have heard about the report is "Yeah, right."

The show opened two days ago with what appears to have been a record for first-day attendance for shows held at the Sands Convention Center. Bill Brassard, spokesman for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), which sponsors this event, told Examiner this morning that attendance is up and that much has been demonstrated by the crowded aisles and shoulder-to-shoulder space in many booths.

Not only has the NRA exhibit been jammed, people have been packed around the Second Amendment Foundation booth as well. As for the firearms manufacturers, they are enjoying continued strong business.

But now comes this Washington Times report regarding a movie that will allegedly feature actress Meryl Streep. The producer, Harvey Weinstein, reportedly let the cat out of the bag during a radio chat with shock jock Howard Stern.

If history is any indicator, the NRA has enjoyed rising membership and gun sales have been booming while the Left attack machine has been in overdrive for the past year, trying to diminish gun rights. Based on that experience, a sneering feature film attacking gun rights could result in an NRA membership overload and bring even more people through the doors of gun shops and sporting goods stores.

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre is here for several meetings, as is SAF’s Alan Gottlieb. The latter has another role back in Washington State, where he is helping lead the effort to pass Initiative 591, a measure aimed at preventing background checks from straying away from the uniform national standard. A competing initiative, I-594, is a 17-page gun control measure being marketed as a so-called “universal background check” proposal.

MEANWHILE, back in the Bonney Lake man who was featured on a National Geographic program in November called “Doomsday Preppers.” He had survival gear and guns, which apparently in his case was a big “No-No,” as he also reportedly has a felony conviction on his record that precludes the possession of firearms.

Reports on the arrest were carried by the Seattle Times, Seattle and Fox News. Times readers are having a good time with this story.

Twenty-six-year-old Tyler Smith was arrested “without incident,” the published reports say, by Pierce County Sheriff’s deputies. Not only did Smith have the guns, he also had a plan in case of a cataclysmic event: He was allegedly going to take whatever he needed from his neighbors.

Smith won’t be taking anything from anybody for a while if he is convicted on weapons charges.


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