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Sherri Shepherd, Lamar Sally surrogate battle: Lamar's child support scheme

Sherri Shepherd claims Lamar Sally tricked her into signing a surrogate contract as part of a financially motivated child support scheme.  Sally’s behavior recent behavior certainly seems to support Sherri’s claims.   Details of Lamar Sally’s trickery bel
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Sherri Shepherd says Lamar Sally defrauded her into signing a surrogate contract as part of a child support scheme. Sally’s behavior supports Sherri’s claim. According to on July 25, Sherri does not want the soon-to-be born surrogate child which was conceived with her estranged husband’s sperm and a donor egg.

Sherri and Lamar Sally, who goes by the nickname “Sal” are locked in a custody battle over the unborn surrogate child which was conceived with Sal’s sperm but not Sherri’s egg. On July 25, shed light on why Sherri feels trickery on Sally’s part was involved. Sherri claims Sal defrauded her into the surrogacy arrangement with the intention of divorcing her and securing custody of the baby in order to collect years of child support. Sherri earns significantly more than Sal who is currently unemployed and has been so for the most of their 3-year marriage.

Sherri wants the court to invalidate the surrogate contract on the grounds of fraud. She also wants the court and rule that she has no parental rights or responsibilities regarding the surrogate child to whom she has no biological ties. However according to an updated report from a Toast to Wealth News (AT2W News) on July 26, Lamar Sally is preparing to take legal action to force Sherri to accept the surrogate child, which will pave the way for him to collect child support.

It’s interesting to note that Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally are filing for divorce in two completely different states. Sal recently relocated to California and filed for a legal separation which he reportedly plans to convert to a divorce petition after fulfilling the 6-month residency requirement for that state. Meanwhile, Sherri has filed for divorce in the state of New Jersey where she and Lamar actually lived. What’s significant about this is that California courts recognize and uphold surrogate contracts, while New Jersey courts do not.

What’s even more suspicious about Lamar Sally’s behavior is that he wants the California courts to invalidate pre-nup he and Sherri signed. Under the terms of the pre-nup, Sal would only get a lump sum of $60,000 since their marriage lasted less than five years. And although under the present circumstances Sherri wants nothing to do with the surrogate child, the pre-nup gives her custody of any children she and Lamar Sally have.

Getting custody of the surrogate child, a baby boy who will be born via surrogate on July 28, is central to Lamar Sally’s scheme to hit Sherri Shepherd for child support. Will Lamar’s surrogate child support scam succeed? Can Sal force Sherri to accept the surrogate baby boy? Can Sal get legal and physical custody of the child? Will Sherri Shepherd have to pay Lamar Sally child support? Only time will tell. We just have to wait and see.

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