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Sheila Jackson Lee staffer calls blogger 'un-American,' threatens IRS action

Staffer for Sheila Jackson Lee calls blogger 'un-American' for asking question, threatens IRS action.
Staffer for Sheila Jackson Lee calls blogger 'un-American' for asking question, threatens IRS action.
Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Thursday, we reported that Sheila Jackson Lee, the Texas Democrat once dubbed the "Congressional boss from Hell," falsely claimed Democrats never filed articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. When PJMedia's Dwayne Horner contacted her office Thursday for further comment on her "mis-statement," however, he was berated by a staffer who issued a not-so-veiled threat of IRS action for daring to ask a question.

The problem is two-fold. Not only did Democrats file multiple articles of impeachment against Bush, Jackson Lee personally co-sponsored one filed in 2008 by former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio.

Horner said he first spoke to a "nice lady" who knew of Jackson Lee's contradiction. According to Horner, the woman he spoke to even acknowledged that Jackson Lee's statement was "a lie."

Things got dicey, however, when he was transferred to an unidentified gentleman. According to Horner, the man he spoke to insulted him, and even called him un-American for daring to question Jackson Lee's false statement.

"I was transferred to a gentleman on Lee’s staff," Horner wrote. "When I again asked him about the contradiction and stated that perhaps I was confused, the man said 'Oh look it here, we have one of those right wing, tea-bagger nut jobs on the phone taking his cues from FOX News.'”

The situation only got worse, he said, when the unidentified staffer raised his voice and accused him of being un-American. Moreover, the staffer falsely accused Horner of being on a mission to destroy the country.

“I don’t have to give it to you because I don’t want to show up on some right wing blog and be on your Twitter account,” the man said when Horner asked him for identification. Horner said he never identified himself and the staffer simply made assumptions while attacking him.

“I doubt you even pay taxes and the IRS will find you soon enough,” the man said when Horner reminded him that his salary is provided by the taxpaying public. After issuing the veiled threat, the man hung up, Horner added.

After being insulted, threatened and hung up on, Horner called back and asked to speak to Jackson Lee's chief of staff. He was transferred to another man who only identified himself as "Chief Counsel," who gave Horner 15 seconds to speak.

“Really?” Horner asked the man on the other end of the phone. "Chief Counsel" then informed Horner he had 14 seconds left.

"When I asked him for his name, he said 'Chief Counsel,'” Horner said. "Of course that’s not his name, and I said 'No, I mean your name, not your title.'”

The man, however, refused to give his real name. Horner said he could find out through a Freedom of Information Act request. The man, however, hung up on him.

"That’s what happens when you (contact) the office of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)," Horner said. This is not the first report of rudeness from Jackson Lee and her staff, as we noted in March 2011.

But it seems that Jackson Lee is no longer content to lie on the floor of the House. Now, it appears she and her staff is willing to threaten anyone who dares ask a question about her statements.

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