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Sex in the water: Top places to do it

Sex In The Water
Sex In The Water

How good is sex in the water? Whenever we think about sex, the words like wet, slippery and hot instantly come to our mind, especially when we talk about having sex in the water. If you’re looking forward to trying it, remember that water sex is not as easy as it sounds. Having water sex in the shower is the only way to have safe sex. The rest of the water bodies like a lake, pond, pool or river can really irritate your lady business down there. It should be noted that water sex is pretty dangerous if you don't take necessary precautions, the below given sex in the water positions will help you make most of your pleasurable time.

Sex in the Water Positions:

Jet Jiggy

Facing a jet inside the hot tub, kneel on the seat and lean forward. Ask your partner to bend you kneel and place his leg between them. Have him enter you from behind. Being pushed from both ends will definitely make it more erotic.

Ladder Lovin'

This position will require you to do some maneuvering. Climb down to the second last rung of the pool ladder, hold the rails, so your partner’s back touches the wall, and your back touches his’. Ask your guy to lower himself behind you. Place your feet inside his both legs and adjust your bodies so you take him inside, wothout facing him.

Tawdry Tube

Place your legs over his shoulders and lean back. This will create a change angle of penetration for better g-spotting pose. Have your guy sit inside the water tube, face him and straddle his lap while slowly lowering yourself onto him. Once all the way down, move back and forth.

Hot-Tub Hug

Take immense advantage of being on top and titillate his nipples. With your delicate fingers, draw some gentle circles around them as you grind. Make your guy sit on the floor of the tub or stairs submerged in the pool, with his legs spread and knees bent. Face him, straddle him and lower yourself onto him. Keep your knees bent and feet flat as you get into the action.

Sea Horse

Since today, you’re the incharge of the whole act, lean your torso backward or forward to alter the depth as you ride him. Get your partner to lie on his back with his legs straight out in the water. Face away from him, straddle his lap and slowly enter onto his ­member.

Get a Leg Up

Get your guy to lie between your legs, with his pelvic bone rubbing against your clitoris. This will definitely be a double dose of bliss for both of you under with half of your body submerged in water. Fill less than ¼ of the tub with water, turn on the shower and let it run on you. Lie on your side, lift your top leg, and let your man straddle the other leg. As soon as he enters you, rest of lifted leg on his shoulders and let the water from the shower flow from his body to yours.

Bubbly Back Float

This can be done on the stairs of pool, or your jacuzzi submerged in water. Floating weightlessly with your body submerged in water will boot pelvic flexibility. You can experiment with even most complicated aqua acrobatics that were hard to imagine on solid ground. Recline in a hot tub with your arms stretched out to your sides, while your partner kneels between your legs and lifts you with the support of the back of your thighs. Here you'll be floating off the seat, while he enters you.

Sexy but Safe

While having sex in the water seems like a slippery fun, you would still need to practice safe sex. But you should remember that water and condoms do not go well with each other. Even if your partner puts it on, there’s a huge chance of condom slipping off. So make sure you have some backup ready for uninterrupted fun. Moreover, sex in the water also means slim to no lubrication. Water washes away the natural lubrication from the vagina, so make sure you use a good lubricant, which is not water-soluble.

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