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'Sex and the Beatles': Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask

The cover of "Sex and the Beatles: 400 Entries."
The cover of "Sex and the Beatles: 400 Entries."
Something Now Publications

The idea for Jeff Walker's book “Sex and the Beatles: 400 Entries,” one of the most unusual entries in the Beatles book library, came to him about a year and a half ago, the author told Beatles Examiner, because it's "a sexy topic."

The 400 entries in the book, taken from 46 other Beatles books by a wide range of authors, dig into the Beatles' past, both during the group and solo years, for both obscure and not-so-obscure tales about the sexier side of the Fab Four and leaves little unturned. It's almost everything you never wanted to know.

For example, in one of the lesser graphic tales, entry #89, sourced from Pete Best's "Beatle!: The Pete Best Story," relates that Stu Sutcliffe stayed away from the sex romps at the Bambi Kino in Hamburg because he had his own girlfriend, Astrid Kirchherr. However, Walker says, the arrangement was good for George Harrison, who moved from a couch to a bed.

We asked Walker a few questions about his book by email:

Q: Why a book on "Sex and the Beatles"?
Jeff Walker: "I decided about a year and a half ago to write a series of Beatles books that were like geological core samples of Beatles/post-Beatles history: on humor, sex, irony and drama. I had almost finished the two-volume 'Beatle Irony' book when it dawned on me that this was not the way to begin the series, that sex or humor had a lot more drawing power than 'irony'. So sex being a rather sexy topic, I decided that 'Sex and the Beatles' would be the opener for the series."

Q: Why use authors like Albert Goldman as a source when he is not well liked by Beatle fans?
Jeff Walker: "The problem with his book is a total lack of balance and a number of downright stupid interpretations and views. The remaining 80 percent or so is quite fascinating, though you always have to imagine what good stuff about John he found out from interviews that he didn't include so that his overall negative view of Lennon would prevail. Bear in mind that a great deal of what is in that book has either been confirmed or at least not disconfirmed elsewhere. You sure wouldn't want to make this the only Lennon bio you read. But it still has hundreds of pages of unique interview-based material that largely rings true. He does write engagingly and sometimes informatively; it's just too bad his antagonistic personal agenda precluded giving us anything remotely resembling an objective biography."

Q: What's your favorite entry in the book?
Jeff Walker: "My favorite entry is my critique of Mark Lewisohn's contention that George Harrison did not lose his virginity during the 100 days the band spent in Hamburg in late 1960. I hope Mark is a more reliable guide through the rest of his book, which I have only read here and here while skimming the rest."


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