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Senate District 20: An interview with Matt Munson

Matt Munson
Courtesy of Matt Munson

Matt Munson is one of five candidates running for Senate District 20. He is the only Republican.

Each of the candidates was contacted for an interview with the same questions. Please note that the final question regarding animal welfare was optional, meant for those who believe strongly that change is needed. Below are Munson’s responses.

Tell me a little about your background and how your education and experience prepares you to be a member of the California Senate.

I am 34, from Ontario. I have lived in the district for over 30 years. BA Political Science, UC Riverside in 2003. I attempted a teacher credential program in 2013. I have taken an interest in public policy ever since I was a teenager and ran for State Assembly in 2002.

What are your top three priorities if elected and why?

Education, I would work to repeal common core from California because it’s dumbing down education in our public schools. I would work to restore the previous education standards in our schools.

Reprioritize the high speed rail bond for local light rail projects instead. It would cost less money and make a bigger impact.

Work towards helping Ontario Airport becoming independent from the city of Los Angeles for regional economic survival. I would like to see economic studies about the environmental impact of people not driving to LAX instead of ONT and see how much gasoline and traffic we would be saving to help make the sale towards an independent airport.

The federal policy as it relates to the Delta Smelt along with several years of drought has impacted California’s economy enormously. What, if anything, as a member of the Senate would you do to relieve California’s water situation?

Learn from Australia in how they handled their long term drought to improve our water management during these tough times.

I would ask for our local cities to end our reliance on grass lawns and come up with alternatives in our cities with water friendly plants that are used to the native climate we have.

What is your stand on the Second Amendment? How do you feel about the laws currently on the books to regulate guns and ammo? What, if anything, would you do to strengthen or weaken those laws?

I am fully for the second amendment. I think the rules currently on the books need to be modified to make sure that law abiding citizens should be able to protect themselves without hassle. I would eliminate the ban on lead bullets because it’s a backdoor approach to gun control since 95% of the bullets sold are lead. Even though lead may do bad things to animals, repealing the ban would also prevent forest fires because copper bullets can also cause problems in our dry drought environment.

California just took another hit with the announcement by Toyota that it is moving its operation to Texas. What would you do to strengthen California’s business climate?

I would lower the corporation tax in half in an effort to help make California inviting to business. We cannot afford to be the 50th best state to do business in for the 11th year in a row. I would like to see regulations on business reviewed so our companies could work on being successful instead of stepping on regulatory mines.

I would reinstate Newsom’s commission on promoting economic growth in California.

Tell me a little about your thoughts on animal welfare and protection.

All companion animals deserve the best effort possible for them to have a home. It is heartbreaking to see countless animals being killed off because of lack of space in our pounds.

We need grant programs to offer spay and neuter services to the top 20 percent of pounds with high kill rates. I would like to see shelter reform that makes sure that volunteers are not chased away because volunteers are the sunlight in many of these places. We should offer bonus pay for agencies who improve their adoption rate and reduce their kill rates.

If you would like to learn more about Matt Munson’s campaign, his website is You can also follow him on Twitter @ThinkTank79.

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