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Sen. Thad Cochran campaign denies robocall calling the Tea Party racist

A bizarre recording posted on YouTube Sunday by freelance journalist Charles C. Johnson appears to be a last-minute robocall from the embattled campaign of incumbent Republican Senator Thad Cochran, who is running against Tea Party challenger Chris McDaniel in Mississippi.

Senators Thad Cochran and John McCain rally for last minute votes
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In the recorded message, the female speaker bashes the Tea Party for "their disrespectful treatment of the first African American president..." and continues to lament, "[I]f we do nothing, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel wins and causes even more problems for President Obama."

According to the accompanying explanation posted at YouTube, the insulting robocall was sent to black Democrat voters in a last ditch effort to sway the June 24 run-off election in Cochran's favor. However, Scott Greer of the Daily Caller reported that the Cochran campaign "is denying that they have any connection with the robocall and declared it to be a 'stunt' coming from allies of McDaniel."

Greer points out that whether or not the robocall is authentic; Cochran has a history of trying to rally black Democrat voters against Chris McDaniel, despite the fact that in the end, these same voters will likely go for the Democrat candidate. It is a manipulative move that Greer points out is likely illegal.

In February, Cochran, told WLOX in Mississippi that "[T]he Tea Party is something I don't really know a lot about." But an article from April 2013 posted on Cochran's own website bashes the Tea Party as having a "hard right political agenda," based on their desire to keep food stamps separate from the Farm Bill.

Another item that can be filed in the "Things Senator Thad Cochran Didn't Know" category was the historic defeat of Senate Minority Leader Eric Cantor to Tea Party challenger Dave Brat earlier this month.

Mediaite transcribed a portion of an interview with Kyle Rothenberg of Fox News:

COCHRAN: I don’t know what you’re talking about. What happened in Virginia?

FOX NEWS: With Eric Cantor losing his seat.

COCHRAN: Well, I haven’t really followed that campaign very closely at all.

FOX NEWS: Really?

COCHRAN: Really.

FOX NEWS: So you have no comment that you want to make?

COCHRAN: No, I can make a comment. You asked me what happened, I don’t know. I didn’t follow that campaign very closely.

FOX NEWS: Well, Eric Cantor lost his seat and Majority Leader.

COCHRAN: Yeah, well, that happens. You know, members of Congress, some win, some lose.

Earlier this month, National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) spokesman Brad Dayspring told NBC News that they are "all in" for Cochran.

Click on the video to listen to the robocall.

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