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Sen. Markey to introduce gun law proposal in effort to avoid ACA

What his political opponents characterize as an obvious ploy to avoid the Obamacare debate in November's election cycle, on Thursday, Massachusetts' ultra-liberal Democrat, Sen. Ed Markey, announced his intention to introduce legislation that is sure to create divisiveness among the voters. The veteran politician said he will propose a new law that would require gun manufacturers to "install" an owner-recognition system in each firearm manufactured in the United States, according to his "Markey for U.S. Senate" website.

Many observers claim that Markey is a walking, talking definition of the term liberal-left Democrat.
Markey for Senate

Next week, Markey is set to propose “The Handgun Trigger Safety Act of 2014,” a law that will mandate technology that would make a handgun inoperable if someone apart from an authorized user attempts to fire it.

"What any clear-thinking American will see here is an attempt by Markey to avoid facing a defeat because of his gung-ho attitude towards Obamacare in 2010. He's another Democrat who echoed the lies told to get support for the Affordable Care Act law," said political strategist Mike Baker.

The so-called Handgun Trigger Safety Act will stipulate that within two years of it being signed into law by President Barack Obama, all handguns manufactured or sold in the U.S. must be "fitted" exclusively to the legal owner of that handgun, according to Markey's web site.

Markey claims that making certain only authorized users can fire the weapon will reduce use of stolen guns or accidental shootings by the owner's children.

Markey's proposed law would mandate that by the third year after its enactment, anyone -- gun shop owners, gun collectors, gun show participants, etc. -- who sell handguns to customers must install personal identification technology before the weapon can be turned over to the buyer, according to his campaign staff.

The Handgun Trigger Safety Act stipulates, according to Markey, that the costs for program will be paid by a Department of Justice fund.

Markey's law would also offer funds from the Justice Department to created incentives for the development of improved handgun safety technology. The law and its costs will be funded through a surcharge on all firearms purchases.

"Markey won the June special election to finish out the term of former U.S. Sen. John Kerry. He defeated businessman and retired Navy Seal Gabriel Gomez, 55 percent to 45 percent. Markey must now run for a full term in November of 2014. It is possible that either former GOP U.S. Sen. Scott Brown or former Navy SEAL Gomez will toss their hats into the ring," according to Cook Political Report.

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