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See How Gun Owners Are Protected from Insurance Discrimination by Florida Bill

Florida gun owners protected from insurance discrimination by proposed bill
Florida gun owners protected from insurance discrimination by proposed bill
Photo credit - Insurance Journal

Opponents of gun rights and the Second Amendment protections provided in the U.S. Constitution are now attempting indirect assaults against legitimate law-abiding gun owners. In Florida, gun owners were being discriminated by insurance companies who were simply “lawfully exercise their constitutional right to own a firearm,” reported Fox News.

While this type of onerous discrimination would not be tolerated if it were leveled against property or even auto insurance owners, some insurance companies have set their dead aim on innocent firearm owners. This type of gun control measure is deemed unacceptable by many Floridians who own guns and some are seeking legal support in their fight.

A fighter for gun rights took up the battle cry in the Florida legislature, and Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach launched a new bill to stop discriminatory rate abuses used against state gun owners, according to Fox News. If gun owners had to individually fight against the patently unfair insurance practices, many would not be able to afford an attorney. So in effect the discriminatory practices would be de facto neutering of the Second Amendment rights of Floridians.

For the sake of argument if an attorney did make legal headway in the courts, according to Fox News the state laws against insurance discrimination do not necessarily apply to gun owners. So without passage of the gun owner insurance protection bill, the battle for legitimate fire arm owners would be all up hill.

The passage of the proposed law is critical because with it, gun owners who are discriminated against by insurance companies can then legally go into court to enforce the law if they have unfair premium rate increases or have been denied coverage all together.

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