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Scientology Nancy Cartwright striving to be a God creates creepy Buddha

The voice of Scientology and Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright has outdone herself in one of the most peculiar - and many say is a “CREEPY” looking Baby Buddha.

Nancy Cartwright striving to be a God
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The social forums are picking up the story with one commenter saying, “Think she's been playing Bart for too long - she is starting to behave like him.”

Another says, “The Buddha baby is like the mogwai in Gremlins. You have to feed it only money- vast quantities of it or else it turns into the demon in Cathy's photo and steals your soul, your friends and family and your sanity.”

Tony Ortega published in 2012 that Australian journalist Bryan Seymour interviewed Cartwright and what she said is indeed, revealing: “I believe that there is a power that I am striving for. I think the best way to describe that would be to name that "God," you know? And ideally I would have to say that I am striving to be that God.”

Video Link to Nancy Cartwright talking at: 9:01 minutes. (Full Video Embedded above).

Today, Tony Ortega published the Cartwright-Buddha advertisement flyer today on the Underground Bunker: “Nancy Cartwright puts out the creepiest Scientology advertisement of all time”

“Scientologist extraordinaire, voice of Bart Simpson, and San Fernando Valley resident Nancy Cartwright — known to the locals as ‘Her Royal Governess’ — has provided what may be the creepiest Scientology advertisement of all time.”

In 2007 Actress Nancy Cartwright, the voice behind cartoon character Bart Simpson, was awarded Scientology's Patron Laureate Award after donating $10 million to the faith.

Cartwright's gift--almost two times her annual salary from The Simpsons--puts her at the top of a list of celebrity benefactors who have handed over their hard-earned cash to the Church of Scientology. She gave even more than Tom Cruise--who is reported to be the controversial religion's second-in-command--who has donated $5 million in the last four years.

Now Cartwright is trying to woo the masses to her “Valley Autumn Gala” to raise more millions for the dull looking building at Lanker shim and Burbank Boulevards in North Hollywood. Here Cartwright hopes to “… see the Valley ORG as the center for all the children to come and be surrounded by an incredible, supportive 3D while their parents are on course or getting auditing.”

Check Books and Credit Cards welcome.

David Love

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