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Scientology mouth piece Kirstie Alley dreamed up a fantasy husband

Kirstie Alley Fantasy Husband
Smart People Today Publishing

A January 29, 2014 ‘National Enquirer’ Special Investigation has Alley looking like her ‘cheese is sliding off her cracker’ – “a mental health expert, fear she’s lost touch with reality. Kirstie appears to be fanta­sizing that she’s happily married and being romanced,” said a friend.

“Bad Girls” author and psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman said that Kirstie’s book was “a replace­ment for real-life sex and a real-life man. It’s sad and pathetic.”

On January 12, 2014, Alley posted on her Facebook page: “Thank you my darling husband for the most glorious flowers...a bird cage with tiny sparkling baby birds … Stunning!”

When The ENQUIRER contacted Kirstie’s manager about her fantasy Face­book post, he replied via email: “You apparently know more about her life than she does…you tell her.”

“Kirstie is heading back toward 200 pounds,” said a source. “She doesn’t need a man as much as she needs some self-control when it comes to food.”

A few of the 718 Facebook comments:

- Nice....didn't know you had a husband!!!

- didnt know she was even married................again lol

- Wait a Min when did you get married again ?

- Did I miss something? You got married?

- Who are you married to and when did that happen???

- Who posted this, because Kirstie is NOT married, unless it happened today.

- What Husband fellow Goat Girl?

- C'mon Kirsty your'e not married...gett a life!

“On June 19, 2013, Kirstie Alley lost the battle in a lawsuit over her Organic Liaison weight loss products and was forced to settle with a hefty six-figure sum.”

“Her expensive lawyers did everything in their power trying to dismiss the lawsuit, but the judge found Kirstie’s program misleading. Her claims that her products were proven to help lose weight were deemed false advertising.

“The public trusted Kirstie,” the source said. “And the outcome of the lawsuit has devastated her.”

by - David Love

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