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Scientology in Haiti: when belief becomes dangerous


  • Butch Trucks 6 years ago

    the Scientologist have set up a web page and have 175 children in their care,according to their recent press releases and they are already offering sponsorship of the children
    I am all for helping orphaned children...but Scientology just See's an opportunity to exploit and profiteer from the Tragic Disaster
    A Mr Claude Reginald Jean a Haitian and a Scientoligist previously ran 2 orphanages in Haiti prior to the Earthquake
    most of the children are from the 2 orphanages.
    Mr Jean Ran the Haiti Dianetics center (AKA Global Pioneers) there.
    Mr Claude Jean relocated his family and children to Florida on a return flight with John Travolta after the Earthquake and his children were given full scholarships to the Scientology run Clearwater Academy in Florida
    several Scientology front groups are raising funds to support the orphanage which is now called Future Haiti

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