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Scientology David Miscavige in Sydney looking depressed and defeated

News 7, reporter, Brian Seymour and cameraman were followed, harassed. and intimidated by Scientology security staff attempting to prevent any filming of Scientology cult leader, David Miscavige.
News 7, reporter, Brian Seymour and cameraman were followed, harassed. and intimidated by Scientology security staff attempting to prevent any filming of Scientology cult leader, David Miscavige.
News 7 Australia

Today, May 7, 2014, ‘News 7’ reported on David Miscavige -- “Scientology's reclusive leader in Sydney. Heavy handed Scientologists lash out at the media crew outside the opening of Scientology’s new headquarters in Sydney.”

Heavy-handed Scientologists have lashed out at our crew outside the opening of their new headquarters in Sydney, where their reclusive leader was guest of honour.
News 7 Sydney - Yahoo!7 May 3, 2014

Shrouded, as usual in cult-like secrecy, David Miscavige was the guest of honor speaker at the opening, and appeared depressed and downtrodden – looking quite low on Scientology’s emotional ‘Tone Scale’ – some saying down as far as “Hopeless” -- a scale of .07?

In the video posted by News 7, reporter, Brian Seymour, reveals “what happens when the global leader of Scientology comes to town.” Scientology security is seen running about, touching the Cameraman’s camera, and generally doing everything possible to thwart the News reporting of the event.

Link to Video:

However, despite Scientology’s best efforts, the reporters did film David Miscavige on stage. Seymour reports that David Miscavige refuses to do on camera interviews because "Miscavige has been accused of being physically violent to Scientologists serving under him – also claims of deprivation, abuses, and fraud."

“Scientology’s membership has plummeted to 2,000 members in Australia -- their behaviour along with mounting legal problems at home in America, may only make it harder for them to recruit new members,” reports Brian Seymour.

Early morning comments about how ill David Miscavige appears in the News 7 video, agree that Miscavige is not looking well.

Comments Today:

- “DM's looking a little weathered.”

- “From a quick glance, I would say his conscience is preying on him- eating away at him. But he doesn't actually have one so he must just be ill. No amount of touch assists gonna cure his malady.”

- “I don't know about ill (and I wouldn't wish that on anyone) but it looks like the stress of managing a collapsing empire and drinking all that whisky are taking their toll!”

- “Yep, that looks like stress to me. (…) But, oh come on, what is stress to a Scientologist anyway -- just two opposing forces with no immediately apparent resolution.”

Karen De La Carriere, ‘Surviving Scientology’, posted a video on April 30, 2014, titled, “Scientology Inc's David Miscavige Management by violence.”

“Scientology Inc has morphed into the Al Capone of Religions. It is hideous inside. Staff are handled by penalties and escalating punishments. St. Pete Times newspaper now re-named Tampa Bay Times revealed the abuse and violence in the globally acclaimed revelations called THE TRUTH RUNDOWN.

Paranoid that their atrocities will be revealed on the Internet, they now have staff sign "non-disparagement" agreements.”

A history of David Miscavige being violent: Tampa Bay Times: “The Truth Rundown”

“Rathbun said he attacked many people, many times, including throwing Lesevre across a table, boxing Starkey's ears, and tackling Yager down a flight of stairs — all, he said, on Miscavige's orders. He said he threw another staffer against the hood of a cab at Los Angeles International Airport. As a crowd gathered to watch, he cocked his fist and told him to improve his attitude.”

Author, Amy Scobee, "Scientology: Abuse at the Top," says Miscavige does not practice what Scientology preaches. He liberally labels church members as enemies, which forbids any contact with family and friends still in Scientology.

"You cannot call yourself a religious leader as you beat people, as you confine people, as you rip apart families," she said. "If I was trying to destroy Scientology, I would leave David Miscavige right where he is because he's doing a fantastic job of it."

With the increasing number of serious lawsuits and legal battles around the globe facing David Miscavige’s Scientology empire right now, it could be quite some time until the cult leader’s stress subsides – if ever?

David Love

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