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Schumer wants Iran sanctions legislated to back up agreements

According to Julian Pecquet, at The Hill, Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer is leading the legislation to put sanctions on Iran if they fail to live up to the content that is on the table for time-certain action. It is logical because the carrot in the agreement gives Iran more freedom. If they don’t follow through as their record is suspect, than the stick must be present to balance the consequences.

Obama and Kerry on Iran

“A source close to the sanctions effort said it wouldn't be surprising that someone such as Schumer is whipping given the unusually large number of people who have quickly signed on as cosponsors since the bill was introduced. The source said the pro-Israel lobby American-Israel Public Affairs Committee held a conference call for donors on Dec. 19, the day the bill was introduced, and told them the sanctions represented a “genuine policy disagreement” with the administration and was “going to be a tough slog”.

The sanctions bill would slap new restrictions on Iran's energy sector if the country reneges on its commitments under the preliminary deal reached in November or fails to agree to a final deal that bars the country from enriching uranium. The White House says the sanctions could derail nuclear talks and is pressing Reid not to hold a vote.”

Surely, Israel and Israel supporters appreciate Schumer’s initiative that is a counterbalance to Obama-Kerry’s more timid and tentative approach. Historians might argue for the tough approach in these matters, because Iranian leadership view anything else as weakness that can be exploited.

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