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School principal involved in sex scandal that occurred during school hours

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The New York Post broke a story yesterday about a sex scandal involving a principal, a security guard, a parent and an assistant principal. Last week, officials removed school principal Annie Schmutz Seifullah, 35, from the Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology (grades 7-12). The school is located in Long Island City, New York. Seifullah found herself in trouble after inappropriate pictures of her appeared on department laptops. The Post also reported that computers were seized from the school and her home.

She allegedly had sexual relations in the school while classes were in session. The Department of Education said her conduct is unacceptable and she has been removed until further notice. Her troubles began after her relationship with a student’s father ended. To protect the student’s privacy, the father wasn’t named in the story. He became angry after learning Seifullah had cheated on him. He told the Post that she used her influence as a principal to seek various sexual partners at the school.

He retaliated by turning over documentation which included a sexual tryst involving a threesome. The scorned lover said that Seifullah engaged in oral sex with the NYPD school safety agent in the school’s security office, and with a visiting assistant principal in a storage room. Both trysts occurred during school hours. Although it’s not a crime for Seifullah to date co-workers or a student’s parent, having sex on school grounds can lead to misconduct charges.

Seifullah earns $136,959 annually in her position. During her divorce proceedings, she moved in with the unnamed student’s father. Seifullah and the student’s father eventually ended their relationship. Last year, she had posted a picture of her and the student’s parent on Facebook.The New York Post contacted Seifullah about the scandal. She declined to comment. More details are available at the Post’s website.



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