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School Administrator Resigns Over Former Student’s You Tube Sex Abuse Claims

A You Tube Video has unleashed a criminal investigation into claims and admissions raised in the possible sexual molestation of the 28-year-old woman when she was a 12 year-old student. The You Tube video is both troubling as it is revealing seemingly for the woman known as Jamie X who exposes the world to her teacher-student molestation. The accused female molester who was employed as a vice principal at the Alhambra High School resigned Monday amid the growing controversy, according to KABC-TV Los Angeles.

JamieX - posts You Tube Video over sexual molestation by teacher when she was 12 - Abuser resigns
photo credit - Our Windsor

The victim of the alleged continuous assaults concealed her full name and only wanted to be identified as Jamie X. She explained that the sexual assaults by the former teacher occurred over several years at her Chemawa Middle School in Riverside, California, according to the Daily Caller.

The young woman made the decision that she would contact the former teacher, after she believed her only course of action was to make the call because she understood the statute of limitations for prosecuting the former teacher for the sexual molestation had expired.

The call itself was not only tense but it even erupted in bursts of unsettled emotions which Jamie X insists she had to conceal for many years after the sexual molestation, she spoke to her alleged molester on the You Tube Video. ““Do you realize that you brainwashed me and you manipulated me and that what you did was wrong?” the victim pointed out through her apparent pain, reported KABC-TV.

The alleged sexual abuser made attempts to show her regret and even admitted she was wrong in continuing her assaultive demeaning behavior. She mentioned that, “she was ashamed and disgusted with herself.”

When the Alhambra High School administration became aware of the victim’s sexual molestation accusations raised in her You Tube video officials immediately contacted the Alhambra Police Department. According to KABC-TV both the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department are now investigating the sexual molestation abuse claims of the former 12-year-old student Jamie X.

The alleged sexually abused former student insists that she made the You Tube video to warn parents about persons like the alleged molester who still are taking care of students in their capacity as a school official.

At the end of the conversation, the vice principal appears remorseful and offers, “I regret it.” It appears the former teacher and vice principal will have a lot more to regret if the two sheriff departments can bring charges against this alleged monster who shattered Jamie X’s childhood and life.

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