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Scary Mommy partners with Toys"R"Us for Christmas

Christmas with ScaryMommy and Toys"r"Us
Christmas with ScaryMommy and Toys"r"Us
(Photo by Jill Smokler)

Popular mommy-blogger Jill Smokler, creator and owner of all things Scary Mommy, has gone above and beyond for her following, once again, making Christmas possible for hundreds who would otherwise have gone without. Coming on the heels of their astounding Thanksgiving Project, Jill's Scary Mommy Nation has partnered with Toys"R"Us and Toys for Tots, for their #NoWishTooBig campaign for Christmas.

Touched by all the heart-wrenching stories of the Thanksgiving Project applicants, Toys“R”Us, Toys for Tots and Scary Mommy joined together to help to make this holiday season easier for families in need by providing one hundred families with $250 gift cards to Toys "R" Us. In addition, three more Thanksgiving Project families will be the recipients of a $1,000 Toys“R”Us shopping spree.

Scary Mommy Nation, a registered 501c(3) non-profit, is a grass-roots movement to make life better for parents all across the country. They have never before attempted a Christmas program, with the previous Thanksgiving drive looming so close in the calendar. As the results became known for their first year Christmas effort, the community hovers between amazed, moved, and shocked.

Samantha Angoletta, one of Scary Mommy Nation's program coordinators says, "As the stories were pouring in for Thanksgiving, we were moved, but equally frustrated that we were not able to do more to help these struggling, deserving families. Toys R Us opened the gate for us; they made it possible for Scary Mommy Nation to provide a meal for Thanksgiving AND presents for the kids for Christmas. We are beyond ecstatic about this partnership!"

Jill spared a few minutes from the mass chaos of the replies from grateful recipients to say,"The Thanksgiving Project was all about connecting moms to moms, families to families, and having a real impact on the holiday for everyone involved. With Christmas coming so soon after, we thought that there was no way we could take on such a task again, much as we wanted to. And then Toys"R"Us stepped in, and now will make this Christmas one that these families will never, ever forget. Neither, of course, will we!! I never could have imagined, when all this started, how many lives we could touch, how many people's lives whom we could actively, positively impact. It's really unbelievable and completely, utterly amazing."

If you need help with a present for your child this holiday season, you can apply for a gift through Toys for Tots here.

If you would like to learn more about the #NoWishTooBig initiative, make a donation, or get the kids involved, you can read more here.

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