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Scandal: Obama, Gore, Goldman, Joyce Foundation CCX partners to fleece USA


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Glenn Beck breaks the biggest corruption story of the century yesterday and it doesn’t appear on a Front Page anywhere. Beck points the way to the 15 Trillion dollar scam that has some amazing players.
(See full transcript here)
First Glenn makes and astute point: If Goldman is really the bad guy, why are these people still on the job? The Goldman suit is a put up job!
• William C. Dudley, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York; was a partner and managing director at Goldman
• Gary Gensler, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; spent 18 years at Goldman
• Mark Patterson, chief of staff to Tim Geithner; former Goldman lobbyist
• Philip Murphy; nominated for ambassador to Germany; former Goldman executive
• Diana Farrell; deputy director of the National Economic Council; formerly with Goldman
• Emil Michael; White House fellow; former investment banker with Goldman
Glenn tells us that a watchdog has steered him to the collusion between Barrack Obama, George Soros, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Franklin Raines (super crooked Fannie Mae head), CCX, and Generation Investment Management (GIM-London based co-founded by AL Gore).
Know the crooks and their roles:
George Soros, Joyce Foundation and connection to CCX.
What is CCX, the Chicago Climate Exchange, projected to gross 10 Trillion a year is Cap-N-Tax passes. Obama played a pivotal role in the formation of the CCX. (Click here for expose)
Barrack Hussein Obama, Board Member of the Joyce Foundation, funded the formation of the CCX. (
Valerie Jarrett is still on the board, Obama’s top adviser.) Obama sat on board and funneled money to Ayer’s brother (wild huh, just a guy in his neighborhood) and to form the CCX.
AL Gore--Goldman Sachs-- GIM: Hold on to your britches, London-based Generation Investment Management sees the Trillion and they purchased a huge stake in Chicago Climate Exchange (fifth largest shareholder.)  The founder of GIM is none other than former Vice President Al Gore along with Goldman people. For example other founders are David Blood (former Goldman executive), Mark Ferguson (Goldman) and Peter Harris (Goldman) to name a few. “
Franklin Raines, mega crooked banker and bust Fannie Mae head, uses Fannie Mae (taxpayers money) to buy the technology to measure and manage carbon. The patent was award the day after Obama and Dems won the election.
Goldman Sachs owns ten percent of the CCX and its 10 Trillion a year potential. (CCX is 10% owned by Goldman Sachs (GS) and 10% owned by Generation Investment Management (GIM).) Gore, Goldman, and Cap and Trade - Tangled Web of Corruption
How it all ties together tomorrow in PART 2.
Glenn Beck outing the shysters on Fox News:


  • Anthony 4 years ago

    You're officially a bigger joke than Beck. I guess you didn't see his profile in Forbes magazine, where he called anyone who believes what he says "an idiot."

    This was the same show where Beck said he wasn't an investigative reporter, right?

    A watchdog? Did he give a name?

    Beck is an entertainer and he called you an idiot for believing him.

    He gets rich off fear. How much are you making off spreading his lies?

  • kjdjr 3 years ago

    As usual you left bling haters don't give the rest of the story. Yes he said don't believe me, don't take my word for it. You omit his next statement. DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK and verify. Not really all that necessary when he repeatedly shows " them " on video in their OWN words and in published books. You people are no beteer that the french who collaborated with the Germans.

  • Profile picture of John Hull
    John Hull 3 years ago

    I was the watchdog. Read the article that started it.

  • Linda 4 years ago

    Why is it that liberal idiots calls Glenn an idiot but no one can dispute what he says? Because they can't. Why don't you check out the facts! Oh, I forgot, liberals don't care about facts, just smear the messenger and hope no one believes him. Show me where is facts are wrong!

  • JayInDallas 4 years ago

    No one disputes his claims because that would be like an adult arguing with a 4-year-old. You have to have a common sense of reality in order to have a real argument.

  • Helen 4 years ago

    I am so glad to see someone besides Glenn Beck sticking his neck out to expose the corruption in the government. Thank you for covering this stoory. I will be checking back tomorrow for your Part 2.

  • Joe 4 years ago

    Hey Anthony, instead of calling other people names I'd be interested to hear your take on the story and facts therein. Its the issues that matter, right? I've looked into many aspects of this and have not found a single item which was presented as fact to be errant. There is conjecture made about what the facts sum up to but lets just focus on the facts surrounding CCX, GIM, Goldman Sachs, Obama's effort to fund CCX while on the Joyce Foundation name a few.

  • Anthony 4 years ago

    Hey Linda and Joe:

    If you knew how to read, you would know that it is BECK calling YOU idiots for believing him!

    I don't name call. Sorry. I elevate the discourse, unlike fear-mongers like Beck.

    It's all paranoid conjecture with NO PROOF.

    Beck lies on a daily basis. There are no facts here. move along.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    The truth hurts and when you can't dispute it---talk about something other than the facts !!!

  • Colleen 4 years ago

    Are you that stupid?! He shows proof and facts every night. I have done my research and he is not wrong. Wake up and take a good look at the world today.

  • Pat 4 years ago

    Yeah!!! Another brave soul exposes some truth! Thank you for reporting on this. This is a big deal and yet it goes un-reported for the most part. This is one of the biggest corruption stories of the century and where is the lame stream media? I am sending the this link to everyone I know! See you tomorrow!

  • Anthony 4 years ago


  • DMan 4 years ago

    These are not the lying scoundrelous political or financial bastards you are looking for...Move on

    YEAH! take a real good look at Move, Open Society, Media Matters, Center For American Progress, Think Progress, Tides Foundation, Joyce Foundation....and more; have one man in common....WHAT for It! That's Right....The Man Behind the Curtain ~ George Soros~
    The man who has poisoned the wells of information and news with lies and distorttions of truth.

  • Meg 4 years ago

    Thank you for the links in this article. The name callers on here should read them.

  • bloodless_clueless 4 years ago

    Can't wait for part 2 when Glen tells us what else we should think about all this!

  • Your Name Here 4 years ago

    re: A watchdog? Did he give a name?

    What difference does it make? Are these things true and able to be verified, or not? If they are, what do you think of it?

  • wytshus 4 years ago

    So the CCX doesn't exist? The people that Beck named aren't involved? GS isn't an investor?

    Beck always says if someone believes what he says, and doesn't do their own research, then they are an idiot. I see nothing wrong with that.

    If you don't like Glenn Beck, or disagree with what he says, there's an easy solution, don't watch or listen to his programs.

  • Lynn 4 years ago

    Anthony - ok - let's say that you are right about Beck...Go research the information yourself. It is easy to find and connect the dots. My question is - where is the outrage on this? It is clear to me that our government has intentionally tried to deceive us with Global Warming threat - for profit. They stand to make $10 trillon dollars a year from this scheme. Look it up. Sandor, the guy who runs the CCX said it. Sandor once told the Wall Street Journal that, "Air and water are no longer the free goods that economics once assumed. They must be redefined as property rights so that they can be efficiently allocated."

  • Lynn 4 years ago

    And it is not fear, although I must admit that I get scared when I see what the future could hold for us if all this is right, but it is also concern for our future. For my children and grandchildren. And I called my local Iowa newspapaer today and asked them what they knew about this, they told me that they never even heard of the Chicago Climate Exchange. They only get their information from the AP. Go figure. No one we can't easilty verify.

  • IsleOracle 4 years ago

    RIP! RIP! RIP!

    November 2010 - The END of the Progressive Party!
    Remember to VOTE!
    RIP! RIP! RIP!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Where were you when Bush was in office?

  • Laurs1 4 years ago

    Such odd and thoughtless comments from Anthony. He doesn't name-call, but he calls Beck a liar. He insinuates that a person who's not an investigative reporter can't possibly uncover anything substantive. Strange, huh? As for Beck saying people shouldn't believe him, he's saying merely that people need to do their own homework, not just believe what others tell them without verifying the information. Sounds sensible and intelligent to me. So instead of just assuming Beck is wrong, Anthony should try checking the information out to see who is right and who is wrong BEFORE he makes his accusations.

  • CJ 4 years ago

    This is Obummer's Haliburton

  • PatD. 4 years ago

    Mr. Dail, You are spot-on with this article!

    For those of you who are more interested in vilifying Beck than in verifying the facts of his news story, ask your self this: Yeah, maybe Beck's crazy or maybe he's just making money off stupid, naive people but . . . what if he's right?????

  • spawn44 4 years ago

    To bad for gore and his scammer buddies tha the AGW hoax has been exposed by the emails and public opinion is falling faster than al gore can side step a debate. Instead of making billions, these manipulaters stand to lose big money. We must keep the pressure on and make the socialist democrats pay a heavy political price in the next elections for funding the AGW scam and ripping the taxpayers off to the tune of 70+ billion dollars

  • tmh 4 years ago

    I actually spent some time researching this after seeing Beck's show yesterday. What he says is true. This story should be front-page headline news. But, since all the media are in Obama's back pocket, the general public will never learn of this.

  • Winston Churchill 4 years ago

    A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.

  • Rubber Chicken 4 years ago

    Anthony's not so bright, is he? Evidently, doesn't understand what he reads (see his comments on the Forbes interview), and just parrots the standard everyday liberal media/blog line of the day.

    It is just so rich with irony that liberals seem to all assume they are smarter than everyone else, but they can't debate:

    1. Spout the talking points.
    2. Recount as fact an untruth/Play big bad rich white guys card
    3. When asked for facts, respond by name calling.
    4. When asked again for facts, respond with vile profanity.
    5. Exit the discussion without stating even one true fact.

    That's about how it usually goes.

  • Bush Was Just As Scary 4 years ago

    tmh, there are many respected journalists who are critical of Obama, but I suppose it's easier to believe that they're all in his back pocket than to believe that Beck's theory isn't being picked up because it has no merit.

  • Doug 4 years ago

    It is so sad to see that the uneducated and liberally biased people in this country are so willingly surrendering their own personal liberties and freedom to blidnly follow the promises of Hope and Change!!! They are going to feel betrayed and hopeless when the whole system collapses under it's own expanding mass!!! Bigger and more corrupt government stands to destroy the very fabric of our free society all in the name of social justice and massive entitelments!!! We are in free fall, may God please have mercy on the USA!!!!

  • JayInDallas 4 years ago

    What's even sadder is that the same people who cry about the loss of liberty in this country didn't blink an eye when the Patriot Act was passed. Didn't blink when Bush had the telcos spying on every bit of communication between Americans. Said nothing when "Extraordinary Rendition" and torture was uncovered. When deregulation led to the evaporation of American pensions and retirement plans. When we declared war on people who had nothing to do with 911. This "Free Fall" was started by Bush and Cheney and laid at the feet of this president. There hasn't been bigger or more corrupt government since the previous administration. What really destroys the fabric of this country is delusion and ignorance.

  • Tiger 4 years ago

    Thank you for reporting on this! This should be front page headlines on every newspaper and the lead story on MSM networks. This is the blueprint for the undoing of America, as we know it. Glenn has connected the dots and it is undeniable with facts. This must be exposed for the sake of our Country. It is time to tune out the "noise" from talking point left bloggers and concentrate on getting the truth out to our fellow Americans before it is too late.

  • Anthony G. Martin, Conservative Examiner 4 years ago

    Thanks for reporting this. The real crooks in the Goldman-Sachs case are in Congress. They are the ones that gave Goldman and others multi-billions in taxpayer bailout funds, knowing full well these firms had engaged in dubious practices--primarily because the GOVERNMENT encouraged the whole thing going back to Bill Clinton's insistence in the mid-90s that mortgage lenders be pressured by gov't to lend to ANYONE whether they could afford it or not.

    Also interesting to note--several Senators who have engaged in highly unethical if not outright criminal behavior are sitting in judgment of Goldman. Hypocrisy at its worst.

  • MIKE 4 years ago


  • Doug's Wife 4 years ago

    It is so sad to see that the uneducated and conservatively biased people in this country are so willingly surrendering their own free thought to follow the maniacal rantings of Glenn Beck!!! They are going to feel betrayed and hopeless when he's indicted for slander and collapses under his own expanding pumpkin head!!! Illegal war, crony capitalism, and more corrupt government had destroyed the very fabric of our free society for too long, all in the name of patriotism!!! We were in free fall, thank God for having mercy on the USA!!!!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    sucks to be doug. he married a moron.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    when I am having a bad day I can smile and thank God I'm not Doug.

  • Carolyn 4 years ago

    This story on Beck was unbelievable. Now what I want to know is this: Did John Paulson (Not Hank) and George Soros "bet" shorts on the housing market...and if so...HOW DID THEY KNOW ABOUT IT...

  • MataHarley 4 years ago

    Mike, ... duh. If you searched the company profile, you'd learn that it's a privately held company. Perhaps you should go onto "eHow" and learn how you, too, can indeed invest and get shares in a privately held company. But I doubt you have the clout, or apparently the brights, to get your foot in the door.

  • Lynn 4 years ago

    I am so angry that the media has not taken this story to the people. I called a local news paper to ask why and they told me that they only print what the AP has available. So again, it is someone else's fault. A jounalist could google this and in 1/2 an hour find enough credible information to write SOMETHING about it. Dah...jounalists..where are you?

  • MataHarley 4 years ago

    Wait! Apologies, Mike. I thought you were calling Beck the anti-Christ. LOL So used to that one.

    So forgive my misinterpretation of your post and what appeared to be sarcasm.

  • jack 4 years ago

    It appears to me that Doug and his wife should move to a more fairytale land,there everything that Obama says is just so true. When is the American public going to stop listening to his lies, hopefully soon, before there is no America left, I'm a beleiver that some greater power than us is just waiting to see how ignorant and proudful and greedy we will become, then all will see what is really happening to our country and where obamas progressive agenda is going to lead us,May God bless people like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and all the other brave Americans who have exposed the truth, so all may see with their own eyes and may each of those people discern the difference between fact and fiction. I love America, do you doug?

  • JayInDallas 4 years ago

    Yes, god bless the talking heads that perpetuate the lies, spin and fear that is at the heart of the Republican agenda. The same rhetoric that works to derail any progress in this country. Progress means change. Whether brought on by this president or any other . Give people something to be afraid of. Stoke the fires of pettiness and false outrage. Keep the masses at each others throats long enough for the rich to make another million off their backs.

  • Denise 4 years ago

    The Freddie and Fannie side to this whole is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole thing makes sense, they all bet against the low income mortgage market. They purchased insurance to cover their butts. When the mortgages stated to default the banks still made money, that was why it was so important that AIG be bailed out because that was the insurance company that insured those bad mortgages. No mater what these officials would win. They ALL deserve to be in prison not standing on the side lines waiting to collect their pensions and cadillac health care benefits. The American Citizen who has been paying into SS all their life be dammed, they got theirs.

  • StevenH 4 years ago

    Beck comes up with some prettyy wild sh^% sometimes. I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to have watched that day this was aired. He made his all of his points and the links were believable. I don't trust Gore as far as I can throw the ton of hot gas he spouts. He was nearly broke when he left office and now, in just 10 years, he's become the god of Global Warming and people don't believe he stands to make billions on it? This is the guy who won the NPP for his efforts yet spends more than $17,000 a month pt power his house!!! My math says he uses the energy of 2000 typical homes - Wake up and smell the crap people!

  • Stella 4 years ago

    Climate Exchange incorporated in the Isle Of Man, a tax haven. So your tax dollars will eventually go off shore where those invested can feast upon their returns. Richard Sandor who is the architect of the Climate Exchange Credit, is also the Father of the Derivative and Future Markets. Did you know he was executive of Drexel Burnham? You remember Drexel Burnham, don't you? How bout Michael Milken, Junk Bond King who went to jail? Does that ring a bell?
    Oh, then there's Maurice Strong, illusive Canadian Billionaire, was a Director of Climate Exchange until they removed him from Directorship so we wouldn't find this info out. You see Maurice Strong was a close friend of Kofi Anin, & was involved in Food For Fuel scandal. He moved to communist China. Oooooh!! So great being a billionaire and raping the wallets of average hard working worker. Valerie Jarrett served on board of Joyce Foundation. Could go on & on, no characters left except the ones in this SCAM!

  • bob 4 years ago

    Isn't funny how Doug's wife can't think for herself! Oh, she is a liberal...

  • reuben 4 years ago

    Wow, they certainly can write some fancy names up on a chalkboard and link them all together with lines and talk about them in dark and nefarious ways. if we're gonna start crapping our pants because politicians and disgustingly rich people know each other, then we're all gonna end up needing our diapers changed. Goldman Sach's is an investment bank, they invest in everything. The whole glorious financial system was wrapped up in the hoodwinking of themselves and everyone else for the "real estate bubble". Just because Mr. Should Be on late night cable access Beck starts spouting off with his ah-ha brand of madness, doesn't make a cap and trade market a bad idea. and once again, where's your solution? can you feed children with your nifty little conspiracy diagrams? can you breathe in the self righteous nonsense that you spew? does water become drinkable when filtered through the misinformation and propaganda that you promote?

  • jaime 4 years ago

    What in the world is wrong with you Reuben . ?????
    Climate Change AKA Global Warming has been shown to be questionable at best. And probably a massive Hoax perpetrated by Top Politicians, Top scientists and Top people at the U N. Now showing us they are tops only in the titles they hold....and in the POWER they have mistakenly been given over us and over policy issues. That Power now NEEDS to be revoked FAST !!

    What in the world does taxing AIR have to do with feeding anyone ???

    And these connections show clearly that the whole push FOR attention on Global Warming was to aggitate everyone with fear, while they established a phoney money trail amongst these Phoney Shell Companies with the sole purpose to sell and trade "credits" on a compound within our AIR. These companies, Foundations, and Trading Schemes produce nothing...but take everything from us, our freedoms our money.

    Free market is definately the way to go...but in selling REAL Produced products not more SCAMS !!

  • Treadstone71 4 years ago

    To the people who are decrying this scandal as a conspiracy, or disparaging Beck as a mad lunatic: I read every post from the skeptics on this board, and NOT A SINGLE PERSON has offered even ONE piece of evidence to support their assertion that this is all just a crazy conspiracy theory. If you can do anything to inform us on this matter other than rattle off ad hominem attacks and display your a priori biases against Glenn Beck, then by all means do it. I'm serious, I'm looking for the truth and if you have it then I'd love to hear it. I watched this whole program, and in my mind Beck offered very convincing evidence of a scandal that's downright frightening. And so far the media hasn't managed to "uncover" this story that Beck broke. And the most "convincing" argument I've seen so far, and it's still incredibly pathetic, is "Beck's theory isn't being picked up because it has no merit." Brilliant. That couldn't be attributable to the ever-present media bias, no, definitely not.