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SB 413 Medicaid expansion: Odell, Morse and Bradley’s biggest lie of the year?

Odell, Morse & Bradley's Biggest Lie of the Year?
Odell, Morse & Bradley's Biggest Lie of the Year?

On Tuesday the New Hampshire Senate will hold public hearings on SB 413. This is Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion that was released last week and has support from a few Senate RepublicansOdell, Morse and Bradley. Interesting that none of the Senators supporting this seem to want Granite Staters to know it is Obamacare. They not only changed the name but pay attention to how they refer to it when discussing it. That right there should tell you all you need to know about this bill.

The difference between this bill and the one the Democrat-controlled House passed – the ‘private option’. According to a study the state had conducted by the Lewin Group, the majority of people who would become eligible for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion are able-bodied working people. The majority of these people currently pay for their own health insurance through their employers or through a private health exchange. The majority of these people are also under the age of 34.

What the Senate bill does is take the Obamacare funds (taxpayer dollars) and pays these people’s premiums, co-pays and other eligible expenses. SB 413 will make these currently independent people become dependents of the federal government and eventually the state. It creates a brand-spanking new entitlement program courtesy of Granite State taxpayers. This does a couple of things – it creates a disincentive to work harder; work more or take an increase in pay and it creates a huge burden on the state when the federal funds start to decrease.

Of course, the Senate can’t just do this. They have to get ‘permission’ in the form of waivers from the federal government. They want to pass this behemoth federal government program to find out if they can run it the way they want. The Senate bill claims they won’t put the program into place if they don’t get the waivers. Fat chance. Once this program is put into place there will be no escaping it.

SB 413 also claims, as does the House version, that when the federal funds start to decrease, the program will be reviewed and may end. Essentially they are ‘kicking the can’ of bankruptcy down the road. Not one politician will end this huge entitlement program once it’s put into place and they know it. Like the House bill, they have absolutely zero clue how the state of New Hampshire is going to pay the multiple millions of dollars that will become due.

Republicans are supposed to be the adults in the room. What happened to Odell, Morse and Bradley? Democrats will shove any huge government program down the throats of voters (see: Shaheen and Shea-Porter). There have been ads across the state referencing Obama, Shaheen and Shea-Porter’s biggest lie of the year in 2013 regarding Obamacare (‘If you like your plan you can keep your plan’). Will SB 413 – Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion - be Odell, Morse and Bradley’s biggest lie of the year to Granite Staters?

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